This is for you


Are you feeling uninspired, disconnected, exhausted even, in a way that you haven't felt before?

Perhaps you're feeling like you've lost your sparkle, your mojo, your passion and you're struggling to understand why?

You probably feel so unlike You right now that you have no idea how you got to here ... and no idea how to move through.

Change is coming, there's a rumbling in the air, an energy that feels like its rising - demanding that we meet ourselves in the uncomfortable so we can rise and roar like never before and share our most potent magic out into the world.

And so I've created this space of inspiration as a gift for heart-led creatives, healers & coaches, and passion-led, soul centred business owners to help navigate the next couple of weeks.

And, if you would like to gift this forward, please do ... I want this to reach the hearts of the many over the few.

Because what I know for sure is there's a creative revolution happening right now, in me and many others ... and if you're here, resonating with what I'm writting then its happening deep inside of you too.



With Love xxx
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Connect to the part of you that is longing to be heard ...

As passion-led creators we are so great at creating inspirational space for others to immerse themselves in ... but when was the last time you created that space for you?

This is the invitation to do just that ...

To Create Space For You

Maybe its about clearing your space, lighting your favourite scented candle or using some of your favourite essential oils (Clary Sage and Lavender are perfect for this work) and playing music that touches the heart and soothes the soul.

Or, maybe it's sitting outside in the garden with your journal and a mug of something soothing that makes you feel rich and rested ... or perhaps it's about taking yourself off some place special where you can follow your heart and roam wild and free.

Whatever it is for you ... this is the invitaiton to press pause on the outside world and do just that ... and reconnect to the creative in you.

Your dreams matter xxx

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Press pause on the outside world and gift yourself time and space to say yes to you

Approach everything in here with beginners mindset


Journalling Promts




Here's a link to my spotify playlist too ... enjoy xxx