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Are you feeling uninspired, disconnected, exhausted even, in a way that you haven't felt before?

Perhaps you're feeling like you've lost your sparkle, your mojo, your passion and you're struggling to understand why?

You probably feel so unlike You right now that you have no idea how you got to here ... and no idea how to move through.

Change is coming, there's a rumbling in the air, an energy that feels like its rising - demanding that we meet ourselves in the uncomfortable so we can rise and roar like never before and share our most potent magic out into the world.

And so I've created this space of inspiration as a gift for heart-led creatives, healers & coaches, and passion-led, soul centred business owners to help navigate the next couple of weeks.

And, if you would like to gift this forward, please do ... I want this to reach the hearts of the many over the few.

Because what I know for sure is there's a creative revolution happening right now, in me and many others ... and if you're here, resonating with what I'm writting then its happening deep inside of you too.



With Love xxx
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Press pause on the outside world and gift yourself time and space to say yes to you.


Journalling Promts



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Reflection  Exercise :


Pressing pause on the outside world is a gift that we don't often recieve for ourselves. Pausing is often judged as being lazy, it's undervalued and certainly not included as part of our everyday practice, what with so much to do - the overwhelm keeps us in that perpetual cycle of being busy ... and yet, pausing is exactly what we need as creatives to keep our tank topped up, stay connected to our creative self so we can 'be' creative.

Creating space for that deep inner conversation with ourselves is a space to check in. It's a space that reminds us we are going in the right direction, and if we are not, its a space that allows us to catching ourselves out quicker and course correct.

Download your REFLECTION excercise here and gift yourself time and space to reflect on where you have been so you can see where you are going and take inspired action from this place.


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Listen to the audio here

Download the workbook here

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The Saboteur

Inspire yourself in this free one hour online immersive workshop here

From Block to Flow ... The Art of Being A Conscious Creator


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Create from this space ...

How often do you gift your Self space to create just because ... how often do gift yourself space to authentically express yourself in any given moment?

In my 10 years of deep creative recovery what I learnt the most was that creative release was a way for me to express what is unspoken, that which has no words and the parts of me I hadn't given a voice too.

Inspiration doesn't always have to be found in the higher vibrations of our Self. When we lean into those more challenging thoughts and feelings and create from this space we allow a deeper part of us to be released, to be seen and heard, opening ourselves up and giving freedom to that which has been long trapped inside of us.

As we do this we gift ourselves permission to explore and express our authentic creative voice, expand our creative range, becoming deeply connected to ourselves and the world around us as we consciously create.

Gift yourself time and space to create from the part of you that is wanting to break free.

Listen to your heart and create from this space.


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Creating Space

Press Pause and reconnect


Have the intention to put the outside world on hold and press pause

Be with and in nature connecting deeply to the world around you ... walk, paddleboard, cycle, sit in the garden, read - start your day from a place of deep connection where you get to feel rested and connected to what you love there is no right or wrong way ... only your way

What this isn't is a doing action ... its all about being.

Connect to the part of you that is longing to be heard ...

As passion-led creators we are so great at creating inspirational space for others to immerse themselves in ... but when was the last time you created that space for you?

This is the invitation to do just that ...

To Create Space For You

Maybe its about clearing your space, lighting your favourite scented candle and playing music that dances with the heart and sitting down somewhere comfortable with a hot mug of something lovely. Or, maybe its sitting outside in the garden with your journal and laptop or is it about taking yourself off some place special where you can follow your heart and roam wild and free.

Whatever it is for you ... this is the invitaiton to press pause on the outside world and do just that ... and reconnect to the creative in you.

Take your inner creator on date and reconnect to you.


Put a date in your dairy ... or better still clear a day in your diary sometime soon and go create an inspirational experience just for you.

Creating Space

Press Pause and Reconnect


Turn off the phone and notifications

Run a deep scented bubblebath

Turn down / off the lights

Light scented candles and Joss sticks

Close your eyes, tune into the body and allow yourself to feel and recieve the magic of music. Let your body feel into and flow with  the music, the essence, the words, the magic and release any stored held or stuck emotion.

Listen to The Connection Exercise here

Listen to my spotify Connection Playlist HERE

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Navigating the path of authentic creativity is an inside job. If something is out of alignment in our outside world then we must look within and create change from this space.

Download the extract from my book The Power of You and explore the Creator Archetype in you here


Want to read more? You can pre-order the book here

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Journalling is a powerful tool ... it enables us to give the part of ourself a voice that we don't always hear.

These inspiration & reflection cards and journal have been designed to help you connect to your creative spirit, listen deeply to your inner voice, consciously connect to your intuition and take inspired action from this place.

They are a beautiful way to melt with ease into creative recovery - taking us out of the head and into the heart. They are an invitation to create in your life, your art and your business from this place.

You can purchase the full deck here :

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Books & Cards
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To find your Self you must lose yourself

The road to authentic creativity means unbecoming everything our ego told us we were. Let go of the false constructs, the fake fronts, the masks our ego wears to convince us that we are worthy.

The journey of true power must come from within or we will forever go without.

Remove your titles, labels, stop hiding behind your successes and achievements and step outside to look inside.

The shadow of the ego blocks the light of soul, confront yourself to see your Self and let your Self be known.

Creativity is calling - follow its whisper and get curious with your soul and know that you have begun.

Don’t let the excuses of your ego be the limits of your soul


How does this image make you feel?

What does this word mean for you?

What's important to you about the message?

What is your inspired action for the week ahead?