Hello Lovely,

I am excited, nervous, and thrilled to be inviting you to LEADING WITH LOVE a celebration and recognition awards & event for passion-led women and creative entrepreneurs who are making a difference dong what they love.

I’ve been holding this vision for a few years now, and recently it's been nudging me, calling me, letting me know that it's ready to be birthed.

And whilst I know the bigger event will be next year, this year I would love the very first year to start with you. To celebrate the women who are already here in this space, who have already been a part of my journey one way or another, and recognise the journey we have already taken. To bring together our small and mighty tribe in an inspiring and heart-led way.

MY VISION is to make this an annual event, one where we as a community can grow, where we can celebrate our successes, support one another, inspire one another - honour and recognise the journey of what it has taken each and every one of us to get us to where we are now as we keep stepping out on this journey as we carve our own path.

And more than that, that we get to come together with women who are putting creativity at the heartbeat of everything they do. To forge relationships that last beyond our time together at this event. To connect deeper to ourselves and the world around us, our passion, our vision, our businesses so that we can leave this space knowing that our dreams matter, lean deeper into our heartwork and ultimately keep leading with more love.

With Love ...

Because it all started with you xxx


The Venue



Shortmead Lane,


SG18 0FG

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The Timings

JULY 19th 2023

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Ticket Price £22.00

Includes Masterclass

Drink on Arrival



TICKET FOR 2 £33.00 - guest must be new to our tribe

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Accomodation availiable at Shortmead

The Cabin - 1 Double Room & 1 Single Room - Self catering - 1 nights accomodation. 1 Person £120.00 or 2 People sharing £70.00

The Cottage - 3 People Sharing - 1 double room & 1twin room, Self catering price on request

The Camper - Bring your own tent and set up in the beautiful grounds of Shortmead £25.00 over night, 2 x shower & toilets availiable in stables block - camping availiable Tues & Weds night

There are also some great local Air B&B's availiable should you wish to book as a group or individually

Shortmead recommended accomodation here