Melanie East is a multi award winning newborn photographer. Her fierce courage, strong business ethics and belief in newborn safety saw her leave a high flying career as a lawyer and craft a successful business doing what she loves - Creating Art in Newborn Photography.

Today Melanie is one of the leading newborn photography trainers, a published author on the subject of newborn photography, an international print competition judge who mentors and teaches worldwide.

Melanie is passionate about all aspects of newborn photography, and in her Art of the Newborn community she loves to see photographers thrive. Melanie provides respectful and constructive critique, business and lighting advice and offers inspiration for newborn photographers all over the world who are ready to build a profitable business doing what they love.

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I can not tell you just how much my newborn photography has improved. I can honestly say, hand on heart, if it wasn't for Melanie I would not be producing the work I am now

Deana Hewitt - Retreat Delegate 2017/2018

Truly inspiring. Melanie gives so much support and guidance. The improvement in my work is huge

Sarah Sutton

She goes that extra mile

Trixie Hiscock

Melanie is patient and shares freely her own skills and wealth of knowledge

Judy Laing

Absolutely brilliant - the perfect role model

Sarah Viernes

Having previously trained with Melanie I wanted to take my newborn photography to the next level. So when the opportunity came to train with her in Italy I can honestly say, hands down, it's the best decision I ever made for my business. Melanie went above and beyond, ensuring every delegate got the very best from the workshop. I left Italy feeling refreshed, excited and inspired as to where I can take my business

Victoria Prince - Retreat Delegate 2018

Such an amazing trainer who has so much knowledge and experience in this industry. Even after the training Melanie is always there to help and support you

Natalie Moss

Melanie holds nothing back and truly wants to see her delegates go forward from her training and succeed. She invests so much time, care and effort. Her attention to detail is amazing. In every single aspect the value far exceeded the training fee.

Georgia Lemon Retreat Delegate 2018

A fantastic teacher. Friendly, Knowledgeable and incredibly generous.

Andrea Thornton

When it comes to business training, Melanie is spot on and offers honest information. A wealth of  knowledge in newborn photography and safety training

Gail Henry


...the best decision I ever made. In 12 months Melanie got me from a full time accountant to a full time photographer

Anne Worle 2017 Retreat Delegate


Melanie's  knowledge of newborn safety and posing is outstanding. Italy 2017 was amazing - so much so that I've just booked to come back!

Phoebe Berridge


She taught me more than I could have imagined

Pippa Brown


Such selfless training - I've learnt so much

Laura Wrench


Was Melanie worth it? Yes ... every single penny

Sheila Mann