Working Together


How can we work together?


Our world is ever changing, evolving and growing. As exciting as following our dreams can be and taking those all important steps to create change, sometimes it can be difficult to stay connected, focused and feeling in control.

In times of challenge coaching is about discovery, awareness and choice, helping to empower people to find their own answers, whilst encouraging and supporting them on their journey as they continue to follow their dreams and create transformational change.


Change your thoughts and you change your world - Norman Vincent Peale


Inspire Sessions

If you're looking for a one off single session, or would simply like to dip in and out of coaching without the commitment of a long term relationship, then this is the perfect choice for you. Perfect for dusting away the cobwebs, keeping you at the top of your game or creating that place of inspiration to give you that lift that's sometimes needed for you to take your next steps. I offer a number of ways for us to work together, from pocket rocket coaching to a deep dive coaching session.


Empower Package

This package is perfect for anyone looking to empower a specific area where they are facing challenges times or change. Challenging times aren't always negative, positive steps in times of change can often leave us feeling confused, fearful, lost and can sometimes feel overwhelming.

Wherever you're needing support, the key to transformational change lies in empowering the change maker to discover whats right for them and take their next steps.  This package offers that support and accountability via four one to one sessions and unlimited email support between sessions over a 2 months period.  All sessions are results based rather than tied to a set time.  All you need to make a start is to choose your area of focus.


Create Package

This package is perfect for anyone looking to create deep transformational change over a short period of time. An immersive package over a six week period with one session a week, unlimited email support between sessions, accountability and additional work outside each session to deepen the change process.


Bespoke Packages

Sometimes we all need that something more - something personal, something tailor made to suit our needs, I am here, listening ... what do you need?


About my Coaching Style

I love to work with people who are ready to create change in their lives and work with clients in person or remotely from the UK and overseas. I specialise in a number of  key areas :


Working with creatives who are looking to deepen their connection to their art and businesses and are ready to achieve and follow their dreams or are facing challenges and need a safe space to explore their next steps


Empowering women who have experienced deep emotional pain or are facing difficult, challenging times, are ready to step into their tomorrow and move forwards with their lives


Inspired beings looking for fulfillment and seeking to find or deepen the connection to their life purpose



Creativity is a way of being, so many of us focus on the doing actions of creating yet rarely connect to the being aspect of creativity. This often results in unfulfilled goals and dreams and a lack of authenticity.

I have a soulful approach to my coaching listening to the body, I use movement, curiosity, intuition and fierce courage to bring the results my clients need. Creating a safe space to explore, challenge, release and be. I walk every step of the journey with you.

I am here.

I am ready ... are you?


I focus on three core areas in my coaching, click below to find out more about each area and how I can help you

What people say


It was like you pulled my head off, thrust your arm down my neck and removed that fuzzy knot of confusion, tenderly replacing it with clarity and direction.  I've never experienced this.

Khalile Siddiqui

Clare Louise is willing to go all the way for her coaching clients. She has a wide range of coaching skills and a lot of courage to give you exactly what you need as a client, from sweet comfort to fierce challenges.

Sander van der Horst

Clare-Louise is unique. Her coaching blends a strong understanding of the power of emotions, energy and human connection with an entrepreneurial and creative rigour. She creates a space for you to grow but at the same time takes no nonsense, lovingly holding you to accounts. The result is truly transformative.

Matt Hall

Life Changing

Catherine Conner

I found myself totally devastated after a very traumatic relationship came to an end, with so many other stressful things going on in my life, I really couldn't dig my way out of the dark depression I was in, no matter what I tried.

Today my life has taken a turn for the better and everything is just wonderful. I feel alive and ten feet tall. It's almost like magic, hard to explain, but I feel reborn in one sense and free of bad feelings. I see life for all its beauty and the good and with that has came more good. I have to thank Clare-Louise for the changes in my life.... just amazing.

Lorraine Thompson

You really do understand, creating a safe place for me to explore difficult topics. Trust, challenge and gentleness, these qualities and more you exuded through our sessions enabling me to let go and dance with life again and let my creativity flow.

Julie C

I've stopped seeing the excuses and started seeing ways to achieve my goals ... Clare Louise's voice will remain in my head guiding me forward for some time to come

Christina Lauder

My self-confidence and self worth has improved. My mojo returned, it had been missing for about a year on and off. I got the first job I applied for; I took ownership of the bills for my cottage and dealt with all the debt my ex had left me.

Today I am empowered, strong, independent and mostly untouchable emotionally by the toxic things my ex continues to try and hurt me with. I stand tall and am lighting the way for my two young girls and friends in toxic relationships.

I cannot recommend Clare-Louise highly enough and thank her constantly for helping me find myself.

Eleanor Waterhouse-Hill

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