"Your heart is life's navigator ... if it is happy you are going in the right direction"

What is Creating Creativity ® ?

Creating Creativity is a coaching and training philosophy passionate about helping creatives thrive in their lives, art and businesses. Specialising in empowering creatives, accessing authenticity, the creative spirit, and building a business with soul.

Discover the Magic Within.

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Common Creatives' Challenges

We are all creative, resourceful and whole. When our limiting beliefs get in the way of our creative vision, our fear champions us to play small.

Many creatives struggle with a wealth of limiting beliefs, reducing confidence in the self, their art and their business.

The constant struggle of feeling overwhelmed, lack of confidence, pressure, fear and being stuck can be debilitating, with those limiting beliefs limiting success.

Lack of self belief disconnects us from who we are, reducing some creatives to average work, often adopting another's style. This limits exploration and the defining of the authentic creative voice. Those limiting beliefs allow creatives to feel unfulfilled and get lost in a sea of competition.

Procrastination, creative block, lack of knowledge, resourcefulness and direction can often stop creatives from growing in many aspects of their lives, art and business.

Creative avoidance disguises itself as something productive and beneficial, creating the illusion that you are making progress. It lets you feel productive without prioritising and can be very expensive, time consuming and take you further and further away from your goal.

Removing limiting beliefs, discovering the creative voice and taking action in the direction you have set yourself are key foundations to building a successful business with soul so you can do what you love and love what you do.

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Lisa Visser

I was feeling pretty low and despondent about my business. It caused me so much stress and anxiety on a daily basis that the fun had gone out of being a photographer - Clare Louise has a very calming way about her, making you feel that anything you say is not judged but looked at to find solutions. Her coaching has far exceeded my expectations, I’ve found it both healing and refreshing. If you are at a point in your business where you are struggling either running your business or feeling that your creativity has gone, Clare Louise is a wonderful person to go and see. Read more


Amanda Trotter

Clare Louise has reached me in a way I didn’t think was humanly possible, she has this amazing gift of being able to reach right inside my soul and connect to parts of me I didn’t know existed. I had no idea I was the one stopping myself from achieving my dreams, putting my own blocks and barriers in the way. It’s like she’s shone a light on me and I can see the way. Not only have I gained a deeper understanding of myself, I have a deeper understanding of my business and whats next. Since working with Clare Louise my creativity has been running free, I feel alive.


Michelle Sinclair

I wasn’t happy with the way things were going in my business, I was working too hard for too little, putting to many hours into earning money and not having enough time to enjoy me or my family. My Sessions with Clare Louise allowed me to switch off from the demands of everyday life, assess what I want and re-juggle things in my life so my business performs better for me and I perform better for my business and clients. I’ve gone from feeling anxious about what tomorrow brings and not wanting to face the day to finding my passion, getting up and getting things done. I can’t thank Clare Louise enough.