Creative Coaching


The Foundation Stones

There are three strands to my philosophy which are the foundation stones of all coaching, workshops and retreats...


Connect to your vision
Ignite your passion


Rise above limiting beliefs
Believe in you


Find your direction
Get clarity


If not now when?

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Who is it for?

Anyone going through change, ready to create change or needs to create change in their life, art or business

Ideal for those who are starting up or need a re-boot

Perfect for creatives who are committed to driving forward in all aspects of their lives

How do we do this?

A one to one structured programme focussing on reconnecting the whole

Designed for exploring, uncovering, discovering, finding a direction and taking action

Push yourself, rise to your own challenge, reach your full potential and be accountable

It's about YOU. Create your unique blueprint to success

Coaching Programmes

Creating Creativity ®

Helping creatives thrive in their lives, art and businesses

What people say


Lisa Visser
This coaching is life changing. It has made me look at my business and myself so differently. I really understand myself better. It has given me so much more faith in myself. Clare Louise is an amazing coach and mentor and has such an intuitive and wonderful way with people  ... read more


Amanda Trotter
I have been feeling lost for too long. Clare Louise helped me realise it's OK to ask for help, that I don't always have to struggle and do things on my own. If you are thinking about Clare Louise's coaching, stop thinking about it and just do it. It will change your business life and personal life for the better. My creativity has been running free ... read more


Michele Sinclair

I am blown away on the impact this coaching has had on me and my business. Clare Louise has this amazing talent to listen, understand and take something that seems so complicated and make it make sense. Her ability to listen and get you relaxed and comfortable to open up is incredible more

Christina Lauder

The coaching provided by Clare Louise has enabled me to stop seeing excuses and start seeing ways to achieve my goals. By looking at things differently and in ways I would never have thought of myself, I now have tools to suppress the negative voices and carry on a more positive and determined path. Her voice will remain in my head, guiding me forward for some time to come.

Melanie East. The Art of the Newborn.

I am right in the middle of launching a new business project. When launching something new it is very easy to become overwhelmed, scared even - yet Clare Louise has an incredible ability to keep you grounded and help you plan the next course of action calmly and sensibly. She breaks down any barriers you feel you are facing and understanding there may be fear, yet gives you the strength that you can break through those barriers, feel the fear and do it anyway.

Clare Louise is able to evaluate exactly what help is required and how to assist you to put that into practice.  Her business coaching is invaluable to me and I would recommend her very very highly indeed.  She has a special kind of magic.

Matt Hall

Clare Louise is unique. Her coaching blends a strong understanding of the power of emotions, energy and human connection with an entrepreneurial and creative rigour. She creates a space for you to grow but at the same time takes no nonsense, lovingly holding you to account. The result is truly transformative.

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