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Psalm 23:4

As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death ... I shall fear no evil with thou art by my side

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The Perfectionists greatest battle is for perfectionism - organization and order which is taken too far.

They are highly critical, of themselves and others, and equally as sensitive to criticism. They work above and beyond to make up for others sloppiness and often over create, holding themselves back from ever putting their work out there as they tell themselves its never ready, just one more thing. Everything is very black and white - there is only right or wrong and The Perfectionist very much knows the right way.

They hate mistakes, and when The Judge Saboteur dances with this accomplice saboteur - no-one can punish The Perfectionist as much as they punish themselves. They live in a constant frustration and disappointment when others and themselves, do not live up to the high standards they have set and can often be seen to display sarcastic and self-righteous behavior.

The Perfectionist causes rigidity and makes no room for creative flow, other perspectives are not optional - it's very much my way or the highway. This reduction of flexibility when adapting to change or when greeted with differing styles and the diversity of others does not allow for new ideas, and the mess of creativity. Thus limiting The Perfectionists growth.

It doesn't mater how hard you or others work - you will never please The Perfectionsit who will always find fault in everything you do ... feeding into the self fulfilling prophecy of The Judge Saboteur that 'I'm not good enough'





How does the need for perfectionism get in your way?

What does perfectionism stop you from doing?

What would you enjoy doing more of if you weren't afraid of making a mistake?

How do you shut others and your Creative Self down by not allowing them to have a voice?

What is your sarcasm repressing and how does it impact others?

Where are you too rigid in your thinking?

What if you gifted your self more compassion?

When do you overthink and why?

If you removed the overthinking what's possible?

What if it got to be easy ... what would you create then?

What strategy can you put in place to re-connect to your empowered self when The Perfectionist saboteur is present?


Exploration Exercises

Practice the art of 'Yes and ...'

Empower The Creative Self explore The Creator Archetype

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Perfection. Rigidity. Repression.

From the perspective of The Shadow Self, what are your three inspired words?

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Creative Challenge


If you removed perfectionism and over controlling of creativity, what would you create in the mess and in the imperfection? Create that

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