What is a Mastermind Group?

Group work is a powerful way to stretch and grow. Having a wide range of people to explore, connect, share and exchange with is fundamental to that growth and having the people to challenge and stretch your best thinking, your perspective and who you are being in a constructive and nurturing manner is an incredible leap forwards.

It's also a great place to ground and solidify where you are so you can deepen your impact in a subtle and simple way that keeps you on track, focused and keep the fire burning that is fueling your soul.


Are you qualified to do this work?

The term 'Coach' is a label that is used freely by many who have little or no credible training as a coach or wealth of experience behind them.

As well investing heavily in my own personal development journey over the last 20 years I have also invested in training with global leaders in life coaching and both trained and worked with some of the UK's leading business coaches and mentors. You can read more about my journey and training here.

Not only that, I'm an artist in my own right and know firsthand those struggles we face as creatives who are ready to make our dreams happen.

What impact will this have?

This programme ensures your main asset - YOU, is functioning on all four cylinders so you can achieve your full potential - however that may look or feel like for you.

Your life, business and creative flow are all a reflection of you.

People I'm working with are transforming their lives and living more purposefully as they realise their creative dreams. Their creativity is flowing - not just as a creative practice - this process is a ripple effect that impacts all areas of their lives.

They are also simplifying their lives by getting clear on what matters and letting go what doesn't.

It all starts with YOU

Creative Leadership is all about exploring and understanding certain aspects of you, the roles you play, how to maximise the potential of each of those aspects and manage the shadow sides that holds us back, developing strategies and awareness so you can step out of your own way.

Who do I work with?

I work with a wide range of creatives - it's not about who they are as an industry - it's about who you are as a person. I work with creatives who are in the start up phase, creatives who are feeling lost, confused and directionless and I work with creatives who are ready to take their next steps and grow.

Not all my clients are business leaders they maybe working as part of a team or just looking to get their life in order - what they have in common is they are open minded individuals who even though they may be feeling afraid, have the courage to step up and create the change they are looking for ... even when they don't know what those next steps look like right now.

This programme is about recognising that everyone has the same challenges and speaking to those challenges as a collective. Its about your performance overall in life and how you as an individual can carve out your own path whilst leaning on the experience, wisdom and support of a group of people you can trust.

What's included?

This is a face to face programme with online support. There are 10 in person meetups, alongside pod accountability calls, group coaching, tools and resources to back up your journey. There's also an additioal membership rate 1-2-1 coaching package available to support you through the programme.

This space has been created for you to press pause on the outside world and reconnect to you, your vision of what's possible, what matters and create a plan that brings those possibilities into your reality. Its a place to leave the distractions of the outside world where they are, so you can focus on creating the mindset and action plan to make your dreams happen.

It's where you refuel so you can go back out into the outside world with vitality, clarity and direction, breaking down the big leaps into small achievable steps to take at your own pace, in your own time.

What happens after I become a Mastermind member?

You will be given an in-depth questionnaire to complete followed by a 1-2-1 call so we can clarify what the next 12 months is going to look like for you as an individual during the programme. We create the ground rules so we can develop you as a leader, drive your creative practice forwards helping you to achieve the authentic, empowered and fulfilled life you are ready to lead ... and deserve to have.

How can I help you change your life, expand your creativity or business?

If you are looking for me to make those changes, chances are I can not help you ... that's not my job. What I'm offering is another way of being, tools, resources and techniques to empower YOU to do the work and create your own biggest change.

I'm creating the safe space for you to explore, challenge and grow who you are and who you are becoming so YOU can impact what you are doing in all areas of your life in a positive and empowering way that brings value that you can't put a price on ... your potential, possibility and the fulfillment that comes when you turn your purpose and passion into practice.

Where can I get more information from?

My website has a lot of information to hand and testimonials and interviews of client experiences - ultimately its about picking up the telephone, having a conversation and getting a sense of if this is the right thing for you.

You can book a discovery call here.


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What kind of results can I expect?

I can hand on heart say that I have absolutely no idea. I can't make a guarantee for you as ultimately this is your life, your decisions, and every individual is unique. What I do know is that everyone who has attended one of my workshops, retreats or 1-2-1 coaching has seen transformational results in the areas they have focused on that have been right for them. I've witnessed people move from stuck to flow, grow as a human being and how they show up in the world and have the privilege to sit back and see the direction their life is now taking them on as they lead it from an empowered place with clarity, direction and purpose.

I've seen how it transforms who they are and what they do with a powerful, confident and authentic voice, connected to their purpose and with clarity and direction set off, follow their dreams and make them happen.

I've also seen them take the quiet powerful steps that and make small subtle shifts that have made the difference - this programme is about meeting you at where your at and managing the pathway that you want to go - everything I do is about taking the steps that are right for YOU. Its about building the inner resources and resilience so you can trust in you to make your decisions and deepen that self belief and keep you going in the right direction.

I've seen creatives become confident business owners and fall in love with the business of business, have purpose in their business and drive it forwards with courage and confidence, even in the scary times.

It's important to me that we are the right fit - I don't want to take on just any client. I ensure the people I work with are the right kind of people and am happy to share details of clients who have given their permission for you to contact direct and discuss their journey with me.

I'm building a company that is based on results, integrity and transformation - whatever that looks or feels like for you and I only want to take on clients that I feel I can really help and do my best work with. If you believe in what we (my clients and me) achieve and are ready to take those next steps or curious about what that might look like then lets connect and see where we go from here.