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Full access to tools and resources for self empowerment, unlocking your creative potential, increasing productivity and building a business with soul.

*Explore what's holding you back from reaching your full potential

*Deepen your creative connections and develop your authentic voice

*Create purpose, passion and a plan for your business so you can move it forwards  with clarity, focus and direction


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A beautiful, welcoming online experience. There is something about the way Clare Louise speaks that takes me on a journey that is so comforting. I feel I can achieve anything - it’s such a gift. Working with her books (The Power of You and The Inspiration & Reflection Cards & Journal) alongside the online lessons and exercises in The Creatives Space has been amazing. When you bring all three together there is no hiding. I felt safe, that everything and anything I was feeling was OK and I was able to explore things that have been locked away for so long. The impact is incredible, literally amazing - working with everything together has had such an impact. I would recommend The Creatives Space to anyone who needs help creatively, personally or running their business.  - Lisa Visser Fine Art Photographer

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It doesn't matter what you're doing in your business when it's who you are being that holds you and your business back - and blocks your creative flow.

Many creatives waste time and resources as they follow their creative dreams focusing their energy in all the wrong places as they get caught up in the constant doing actions of being a creative.

They often feel frustrated that they don't know how to reach their potential and the success they know they deserve. This can lead to feelings of failure, lack of confidence, de-motivation, overwhelm, lack of self worth feeling lost and alone, with many creatives often giving up on their dreams or worse still they never give their dreams the chance of success they deserve.


Access resources that empowers whose at the heart of your business.

The self limiting voice of creatives cripples their creative flow, impacting all areas of their lives. Left undetected the saboteurs voice can take up over 90% of our inner thoughts - limiting our creative potential before we even begin.

Many creatives get stuck working from this space as the most dominant aspect of themselves and limit their creative potential through an underdeveloped range.

When we challenge, stretch and grow our creative range we get out of our own way, we develop the awareness and tools to shift from feeling powerless to powerful, from stuck to inspired, and access authentic creative flow.

We get to find our voice and turn up the volume of our authentic creative Self and flow from this space.


Explore your Creative Leadership Range

Many creatives never see the full value of who they are or what they do and often undervalue their services, undersell products and underachieve as their business never reaches its full potential.

They find themselves constantly chasing the next idea or exciting project as a way of striving for success, lack of clarity and belief around what they want to do with their creative practice see's them rarely committing to their bigger picture, staying distracted and never reaching their full potential.

When we approach our business from the inside out we get to the core strengths of what we do - we build a brand we can stand behind and that can hold us up, that both inspires and supports us to be seen, heard and create with purpose.


Access resources to build a business with soul

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