Thank you so much for joining The Creatives Space. I'm really excited to be sharing this space with you.

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My greatest wish for you, as you work through these pages, is that you uncover and discover more of who you are, and in doing so begin to express yourself authentically through your creative practice ... whatever that may be.

That you stretch and grow, connecting to the part of you that knows, trusts and believes in your magnificent creative potential - as you step more and more into who you are becoming.

I hope you start to let go of what's holding you back, gain clarity and insight into who you are becoming as an authentic business owner. Who your business is being so you can steer her to her full potential.

I hope you find your voice, communicating to the outside world with passion and confidence what your business is doing so you can drive her forwards in the way she was always meant to be.

But most of all my wish for you is that you access, harness and utilise the untapped creative resources that live inside of you, purposefully, as you travel the path to authenticity.

Devote your whole Self to your creative practice, uncover your creative purpose, flow with authentic creativity and enjoy life as it unfolds from this space.

The world is in crisis right now and is calling forth creatives just like you and I to to step up and out and lead our lives from a place of empowered leadership, so that in our own way, doing our own thing, we can make a difference doing what we love ... just by being you.

You are so much more than who or what you think you are. I believe that of myself ... and I believe that of you. So lets begin and enjoy this mutual journey of authentic creativity together.

Go well x

Clare Louise and EmmaLilly