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Join Melanie East and Clare Louise for a day of unleashing your creative potential.

This formidable duo are passionate about helping you take your work to the next level, authentically, creatively and with simplicity.

Numbers are limited to ensure the best possible learning environment


Working with wool and felt Melanie East will show you how to create the most beautiful elegant pieces of art using only textiles for your newborn clients without compromising on newborn safety.

Melanie will cover

- safety
- choice of texture, colour and tones
- correct shooting angles
- Shaping light - The use of shadow to create depth and dimension
- safety
- storytelling

Clare Louise and EmmaLilly

When we know who we are as a creative, have the courage and self belief to be authentic, everything changes. We find our confidence, our purpose, and with that sense of purpose comes clarity and we begin to move towards what lights us up.

In this workshop we will explore what holds us back as creatives and get clarity on how to move forwards with purpose. We explore the three levels of creating - connecting deeper to our creativity, our intuition and our authentic voice. We connect to the part of us that drives us forwards with clarity, confidence and certainty.

Find out more here.

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We are really looking forward to getting creative with you!

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Unleash The Creative Within



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