Magic, Mystery & Miracles

This full moon is an extremely intuitive and productive time - so take advantage of the energies that are available all around you right now. Opening ourselves up for guidance and inspiration defies the laws of logic so be mindful of how your saboteurs will judge and dismiss what's available for you and what's being show to you through inspired thought, spiritual guidance, messages in our dreams, signs and those moments that appear to happen by chance.

This Full Moon offers a softening to our resitance of change and is all about surrendering to something bigger than ourselves ... listening to that call - that pull and following the thread - even when it doesn't make sense on paper. It's about TRUST - trusting in you and all that is available for you.

The Full Moon intensifies our thoughts and feelings, amplifying whatever is in the mind, body and soul right now and is a powerful time to look at what needs to change - and ask yourself "what are you saying yes to?" and "what are your no mores?"

Go within - your current challenges and frustrations are portals to your potential.

If you've been holding clear energy and steady intentions this is where dreams and goals start to bloom.

Full Moons are a great time to reflect on where we are heading, what our current perspective is - if we like whats currently growing and are a great time to get clear on what needs to change and what are we calling in more of. They are the endings for us to step into the new beginings ... what is ready to come to an end?


Reflections :

If I listened to my body right now, I am feeling ...

Notice what you notice and journal - I am more aware of my feelings and am noticing that **** is making me feel ****

What are the energies that I am ready to release that are not in alignment with my goals, dreams and aspirations?

What do I want to call in more of that will amplify the magic I am cultivating in my life?

Who am I ready to BE this month in order for that to happen?

What are the 3 aligned actions that I will take with focus and intention this month as I work towards what I want?




Honouring our intention setting is all part of that magic and attuning to the energy of the moon. This is a potent, creative time for love and beauty ... how will you honour your intentions creatively and from a place of love and beauty - what will you create from this space?

What is the heart longing for, the soul calling for?

What would the dreamer create if you surrendered to the vastness of her imagination?

How will the Visual Artist bring that vision into your reality - painting in your intentions from the perspective of love and beauty or maybe its about creating a beautiful space for yourself with candles, music and comfort where you can live deeply into self love.

What is your way?

Gift yourself time and space over the next three days to weave magic into your world and inspire your own soul and see what's possible when you create from this space.


With Love xxx