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9.30 am Arrive

9.45 Welcome & Design the Alliance

10.00 Create From Something - 45 min shoot

10.45 Connecting with your Inner Creator

11.15 Deepening Your Connections - Accessing Your Intuition

11.45 Create From Nothing -  shoot with Model and MUA Concept and Creation

1.15 Reflection - Deepening the learning

1.30 Lunch

2.00 Deepening Your Connections II - Accessing Group Creativity

3.00 Creating From Everything - shoot with Model and MUA Concept and Creation

5.30 Reflection - Deepening the learning

6.00 Acknowledging the team

6.30 Close

For all shooting sessions lighting will be available, along with expert advice and guidance.



What You Bring


You, Your Model, Your MUA, Outfit changes/costumes/accessories

(If you don't have access to models & make-up artists let me know am happy to connect and recommend)

You can hire costumes and accessories here

Your Camera

Notebook & Pen

Packed Lunch

Open heart

Willingness to be challenged



Awaken the creative in you

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