Shooting with Soul

Are you a creative looking for that extra ingredient in your work, that little bit of magic …

Disconnection to our authentic creative spirit can suck our inspiration dry, often leaving creatives looking outside of themselves for ideas, adopting other creatives style rather than their own uniqueness.

Our feelings, intuition and our bodies have an expanse of untapped creative resourcefulness that we overlook 99% of the time when we look for creative inspiration. Most creatives follow styles and techniques that are working for others rather than explore their own authentic voice.

Many creatives struggle with a wealth of limiting beliefs, reducing confidence in the self, their art and their business. They hold themselves back in the mindset of 'I'm not good enough' and build their businesses around consistently playing safe and become unfulfilled, frustrated, operating from the poor artist mindset.

Lack of self belief disconnects us from who we are, our greatness, our potential, our aliveness, our passion; reducing some creatives to average work, limiting them from exploring and defining their own creative voice.

In this powerful workshop we explore the three levels of creativity, connect to our authentic creative spirit and use our intuition and instinct and what's around us to create from.

creative leadership coaching

What you will discover

Access your creator within, shoot from your intuition to create images with depth, impact and meaning.

Connect deeper with your subjects, your surroundings and tell the story within.

Listen from your senses and create with feeling.

What will we explore

Creating from something
Creating from nothing
Creating from everything

This is a hands on workshop, all images will be created from concept to capture by you and your own team of creatives.


What you will uncover

Your creative flow, your passion, your youness and express it through your art.

A day for you to shoot for you, reach deeper into you, and unleash the creator within.

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This powerful workshop impacts soulful creatives at a deeper level, giving a greater understanding of the three levels of creating, it's empowering, challenging and inspirational.

With a proven track record of a mind-blowing experience, this day is definitely one for your diary.
Scroll down to read past delegates experiences and click here to read full interviews of delegates experiences of the day.



About the day

Set in world famous Cotswolds gardens steeped with over 1300 years of magic and history, this new location provides exclusive use to both indoor and outdoor locations. Full access to the open house and over 5 acres of landscaped gardens, river and an abundance of inspiration.

A MAXIMUM of 6 photographers per workshop ensures all delegates experience the greatest of spaces for learning, discovering, exploring and creating. You will work directly with Models & Make-up artists completing your own looks, concepts and styling, creating images unique to you.

 Beautiful accessories from the Royal Shakespeare Costume Department will be provided, along with unique pieces provided for styling. Please feel free to bring your own concept pieces.

An extensive range of lighting will be supplied by The Flash Centre with lighting experts on hand to help you explore your creative vision to the full.

Discounted product vouchers will be supplied by One Vision Imaging so you can complete your creative imaging journey.




Why should I book on this workshop?


Empower your creativity - release yourself from what holds you back

Connect to the creator within - know the part of you that you create from and learn tools to access your unique creative space

Create from intuition - use your sixth sense to create images with impact

Step into your creativity - unlock the creative force of inspiration

Direct a shoot with soul - bring all parts of the shoot together from a place of feeling

Create images with impact - resonate with your team. Create from a space that takes your vision to higher levels


Empower your creative voice - deepen your awareness and creative expression

Connect to the creator within - know the part of you that you create from and learn tools to access your unique creative space

Create from intuition - use your sixth sense to deepen the viewers experience

Step into your creativity - unlock the creative force of inspiration

Pose with power - connect deeper, create emotive images with confidence

Create images with impact - project the story from a space of creativity, adding another dimension to an image


Empower your creative voice - create from your space of authenticity

Connect to the creator within - know the part of you that you create from and learn tools to access your unique creative space

Create from intuition - use your sixth sense to create powerful and unique looks

Step into your creativity - unlock the creative force of inspiration

Create from within - create from a place of feeling taking your work to the next level

Create images with impact - resonate with your team, creating looks from a space that takes your vision to higher levels

Cost £895.00 per delegate



Teas, coffees and light lunch provided

Would you like to find out more about the workshop? Not sure if you should book? Either follow the link above and schedule a time for me to call you or drop me an email and let's talk.

It's important to me that every one who attends my workshops and retreats get to feel the full benefits of what we create together, including me. I promise you if I feel this particular workshop is not for you I'll let you know.


I am here :


creative leadership coaching
About Me
Clare Louise and EmmaLilly

My name is Clare Louise, a photographic artist, soulful creator and creative coach. I’m passionate about creativity and won many awards for my work. Holding a fellowship in Fine Art, I have spoken all over the world on my work and creativity.

I'm a creative coach, mentor, competitions judge and qualifications examiner with over 15 years experience in the photographic industry. My passion has taken me all over the world exploring creativity, discovering it and celebrating it.

My other passion is the discovery of self, with over 20 years experience in both practicing and holding a space for others to re-connect to their spirit and reach deeper into their soul, I’m excited to be sharing the ingredients of my creative success with this magical workshop. Shooting with Soul is designed to develop, deepen and empower your authentic creative voice.

Shooting with Soul’ is for creatives of all levels, focused on releasing you from what holds you back as a creative, deepening your connection to your art, accessing your intuition, your creative voice and connecting to the creator within.


‘I know what it feels like to struggle with creative block and at the same time have that deep desire to create work that has meaning.  I've spent many years frustrated searching for something I knew was missing but didn't know what that was. When I unlocked that part of me everything changed. Today I'm committed to helping other creatives unleash their  magic within.'

CL icon
Kathryn Chapman - Photographer

Why Shooting with Soul - what did you want out of the workshop?

Shooting with Soul sounded unlike any other workshop I had come across and, having worked with Clare Louise both 1-2-1 and in a masterclass session at the SWPP conference, I knew it would be exciting, challenging and new. I wanted to access my creativity as a photographer so I could start to reveal what was inside - I never quite thought I’d feel as empowered and as creative as I do since the workshop.

Tell us about your experience of the day?

The day took me to every place I wanted to go creatively but never thought I would, plus it pushed me further - through my fears of failure and the discomfort of ‘getting things wrong’. It highlighted how fueled I am to create something new every time I shoot and it taught me how to go deeper into my soul to discover more creativity than I believed I could. Over a week later, I’m still processing everything that went on and I hope to continue to be changed by what I learnt both about myself and working with a team.

What was the biggest value from the day?

Working with a team of models and make-up artists. It was such a privilege to be amongst such talented people, all after new creative experiences. Plus, living my favorite shoot ever - being so present and connected with the model and our surroundings was eye-opening.

Whats changed for you since the workshop?

I will never shoot in the same way again - I will trust my instincts more than I ever have and I will storm on bringing to life all the visions of creativity I have. I feel my professional life has taken on a massive and fundamental shift - a huge new world of possibility has opened up for me. What’s changed for me most is finding the excitement and energy for my work again but this time it has so much more meaning. I’m allowing my creative essence the freedom to be whatever it wants and I trust it completely and it’s fun to see what comes out - it’s a bit like watching a movie in my head. I know that if I put the right energy into a shoot, the good stuff happens and the great stuff emerges without even realising it. I never thought that confidence would feel so good! I trust myself and respect the professional in me. It makes so much sense that personal and creative development run side by side and the fact that it explodes into every aspect of my life is such a joy. I have been understanding more and more why you do your work! It’s so wonderful.

How do you feel you have grown creatively?

I now know how much more I have in me; how much more I have to give to my work and how much more I can be honest and bear witness to my creative ideas.

How did the workshop empower you personally?

I now believe that I can achieve anything in my work and I realise how much I’ve been holding myself back with the fear of failure.

What would you tell others about Clare-Louise?

Clare Louise is kind, genuine, patient, very challenging and hugely passionate about helping others access their creativity. She creates a safe environment to allow people to be themselves and has an incredible ability to be present with people in a way that helps them access themselves in a much deeper way.

Who would you recommend this workshop to and why?

Those who are ready and willing to go to the next level of their creative work; those who are happy to get it wrong so they can get it even righter (lol) and open themselves up to their own possibilities.

Have the last word …

CL - Can we be friends forever?

Shooting with Soul is an extraordinary workshop that will give you an understanding and take you to places within your yourself that you hadn’t imagined. This will result in deep personal learning and a professional creative shift.

Each photographer has the opportunity to work with three sets of models and make-up artists where you join forces on styling and vision. Through a series of exercises before each shoot CL helps unlock what is holding you back in your creativity and shows that your potential is only hindered by your own limits and fears. As a result, each shoot becomes more and more intense and meaningful.

CL has a brilliant network of talented people that she brings together to facilitate meaningful training in a safe and supportive environment. Coupled with incredible costumes, props and location, everything about this workshop is stunning and inspiring.

What People Say

I’d hit a plateau with my level of work and wanted to push myself. The workshop provided a safe place where I could be honest – it can be so had to find that place. Clare Louise is inspirational on an other worldly level, creatively fierce and empowering. Clare Louise helps you to free your inner creativity, pushing you past what you thought were your boundaries. The Shooting With Soul workshop has inspired me to fulfill my dreams, what I’ve come away with is truly reflecting in my modelling work. I cannot recommend this ethereal experience enough. I’ve never been so driven and for that I am so grateful.

Simone Clare Stocks - Model


Clare Louise seemed to get deep into the darkest parts of my brain and pulled out my anxieties, which was a huge release.

If you’re struggling with self belief, especially when it is doing something that you are passionate, about I would definitely recommend the Shooting with Soul Workshop.

Thank You Clare Louise for pushing me out of my comfort zone, allowing me to dig a little deeper into my head, heart and gut for the creative inspiration that I crave. I have reconnected with my passion for photography and the ability to believe in myself. I can do this!

Rebecca Suree - Photographer

I have been on hundreds of training courses. This course is completely different to any other and has had a major impact on my life. I came away with new eyes and perspective of my life and how I want it to change. I did not want the day to end. Even the most skeptical would find something from the day. I walked away with the best images I feel I have ever created and I still want to achieve more and have amazing images in my mind that I'm now itching to create!

Kelly Taylor - Make-Up Artist


I feel more empowered to listen to and value myself, to trust my own judgements, both when shooting for or with clients or models.

I would recommend this workshop to people who feels they have been floundering creatively. It’s not a traditional photography workshop by any means. And its not a styled shoot/portfolio builder exercise. It’s a route to (re)discovering your neglected creative soul.

Come with an open mind and an open heart. Be prepared to be open and honest. Be prepared to feel creatively uplifted and experience some freedom from things that have been shackling your creativity. Be prepared for challenges too!

Paula Smart - Photographer


Tamsin Matherson - Photographer

The class exercises were unbelievable, I felt like you took my mind to a different place and I now approach shoots differently. I saw things in me and felt things in me I didn't even know was there - I have grown so much in such a short period of time. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn more about myself and to see creativity from a different perspective.

Orson Nurse - Model

I left SWS with a certain ‘knowing’ about my capabilities, not just as a model but in life in general. I also feel I stepped into my power as this was one of the exercises we did on the day. Something really resonated with me.

I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is serious about getting seriously creative. If you are ready for a big change, then this is the place to be.

Gabriella Vidale - Model

I feel like I have the confidence to go out there and control a shoot from a different perspective.

This workshop is a good way to better explore creativity in your photography. Clare Louise really pushes you to find this, she is a very intuitive person and it was fascinating to see what she brought out of others and myself on the day.

Interesting workshop & refreshingly new. Thank you Clare Louise for a great day!

Abigail Stewart - Photographer

Clare is such an amazing, inspirational, selfless woman who is willing to give all the time and effort into pushing people and helping them achieve their goals, she can read people and knows exactly what they need to be encouraged and pushed,  working with her has been life changing - she has challenged me when I doubted myself, she saw the potential in my MUA skills.

Lauren Case - Make-Up Artist

My passion for photography was at a new low and so was my confidence. I wanted to rediscover who I am and reignite my passion. The workshop went way beyond my expectations and more!

Thank you Clare Louise for believing in me, showing me how to find my creativity again, bringing my passion for photography back and allowing us a free space with no boundaries for this to happen. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much.

Jo Worthington - Photographer

I left the workshop knowing there was more to come from me. Having the ability and space to face up to my personal doubts and issues and break the mould that had been holding me back from achieving my full potential was huge.

Nick Douglin - Model


I've honestly never experienced anything like it, mindblowing.

Caroline Stephens - Photographer

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