Love Your Self More


Hi All,

My name is Lorraine Thompson, earlier this year I found myself totally devastated after a very traumatic relationship came to an end, with so many other stressful things going on in my life, I really couldn't dig my way out of the dark depression I was in, no matter what I tried.

I turned to Clare-Louise and asked for her advice, she was amazing and so understanding of everything I was telling her. She invited me to try her online course 'Love Your Self More' I agreed to try it to see if it could help me. The course was for a week.

By the third day of the course, I couldn't believe how I started to gain my strength. I totally started to understand what I had allowed to happen to me ... I had lost all self love, I had emptied my soul. Through 'Love Your Self More' I started to see who I was and started to believe I could bring me back again. As the days past I gained a wonderful feeling inside almost like I was shining from within, warm and safe; and it was myself that was doing it.

Today I totally see things in a positive way now the best I can. I am still healing day by day and on the odd day I slip, I go back to the course and refill my heart again to give me the strength I need.

Things have come along since which have tested me; I use the positive energies I have trained myself to do with the course to get me through. I listen to my instincts, my dreams and I go for it..... if it feels strong inside I do it! My life has taken a turn and everything is just wonderful, I feel alive and ten feet tall. It's almost like magic, hard to explain, but I feel reborn in one sense and free of bad feelings. I see life for all its beauty and the good and with that has came more good.  I have to thank Clare-Louise for the changes in my life.... just amazing.

I would recommend doing this course, one reason is because we really do lose our way and get drowned by all the negative, sad, trauma we go through. I think it should be common practice, this world would be a better place.
If you focus and really listen 100% this course will help you achieve what I have........ I will never look back, ever!


What people say


Prior to taking this course I felt like I was in a deep wide sea, with a boat in the distance. The boat would save me but no matter how much effort I put into swimming I could never reach the boat. Just halfway through the course I caught up with that boat and hauled myself in. I'm in a place now where I can allow myself to value myself more. I feel more at peace with myself and have confidence to continue, or rather resume, because it was something I had lost, living a creative, expressive, life.

P Smart


I could never have anticipated the impact that the Love Your Self More course was going to have on my life and in such a short period of time.

I was living a life for everybody but myself, I was going along with the flow feeling powerless and obligated to everyone else's needs but I didn't even acknowledge my own.

There was no "me" anymore, I was merely existing and I wasn't happy with so many aspects of my life that I felt lost and unable to "fix" myself. Read More


If you wish to peel back the layers and unearth hidden treasure within you by connecting to your divine being within, then do this course. I was finding my days overwhelming and was stuck in a rut in my mind and this was impacting on my day not just emotionally but physically. The course gave me something to look forward to, a reason to get up in a morning. It brought purpose to a part of my day without taking over my day but other magical things happened through the connection to the course. My mind became re programmed and I felt fantastic. I achieved a lot and tapped into some old creativity.

S. Underhill-Savage


I have begun to feel beautiful and unique and  seeing other people in the same way! This is amazing. I trust myself  more and am less depended on opinion of others.

L Matyia


I am an on an ongoing journey of growth and so was in tune with the benefits of this type of self enquiry. This course was part of that journey and showed some perspectives, realisations I had not considered.

J Cooke


The course was very inspiring and has giving me more confidence in myself to follow my dreams.

W Andrew


With the guidance and prompting in the course, I am already seeing the world as a brighter place. No longer doubting myself for no real reason and looking forward to getting back in tune with me.

J Wise


I was a pretty negative space prior to this course - just been told I was being made redundant after 4 weeks in the job and wasn’t sure where my relationship was heading. Instantly life changed, I was able to start thinking more positively which then pushed something through the universe, my relationship is very much on track and 3 job interviews have made me a very happy person. I have taken this experience to journal on a daily basis, reflecting fully on my day and all the positive things that have happened as well as lessons I have learned. I feel really positive about the future. Thank you Clare-Louise for the adventure, self love is now my priority.

P Taylor


Before the course I felt really self conscious and put myself down a lot. Now I look in the mirror and feel more confident. I will continue using this course when ever I feel like I need a pick me up.

R Bayliss