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Ok so it's a little bit late (10 months in fact) but hey - who cares. If lockdown has taught me anything it's that everything changes, and for this year and this year only ... so do my birthday celebrations ... I'm celebrating all year through.

I decided to wait for the party, first time round I had to choose who could and couldn't be there and that didn't feel like much of a celebration to me, so when circumstance said no, I decided to put the whole thing on hold until I could say yes to every one of you.

I've been sitting here and writing down the names of all the people who I would love to be there - one way or another we've made memories together, people who made me smile, who cared, who had an impact, who mattered - to me and my boys, who made a difference, who shared something with me that was important, who I haven't seen in what feels like forever because life got in the way or we took our own paths and they haven't crossed again in a while ... and I still think of you. I've been sitting here smiling as there's no-one else I'd love to celebrate my life with than you.

And really, I'd love you to be here, if you can x

The Party
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DATE & TIME : Saturday September 4th - 6pm - 1am

Venue :

The Boat Restaurant & Bar

Birdingbury Wharf

Rugby Road


CV23 8HQ

What to bring?

Just you, your fun, your laughter, your dancing shoes and maybe if you've had enough to drink your best singing voice.

No presents (please, please no presents - you being here really is enough)


If you require a taxi Five Star Cars are availiable on 01926 817479 - please let them know in adavance (preferably 10 days beforehand) so they can ensure they have enough drivers on hand. You do not need to confirm a time until nearer the date.

Food will be availiable, served as Alfresco Dining

Classic Burger & Fries £13.95

Chicken & Bacon Burger & Fries £12.95

Falafel Burger & Fries £12.95

Hotdog & Fries £7.95

The Waterside Terrace and The Phoenix Room have been exclusively reserved for the party which means full use of a large outdoor space (with cover) and adjoining indoor space with plenty of space for social distancing if still in place / preffered.

Entertainment will be provided - so bring your dancing shoes.

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Wormleighton Hall has a number of rooms availiable for B&B and 12 minuites away from the venue.

Please contact Nichola on 07778 991527 for rates and booking

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If you're a camper, there's room for that too. I am currently organising space for this. Got your own Motor Home? There's space to hook up for the night at The Boat - it's limited spaces so let me know if one of them is for you.

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Travel Lodge in Rugby is 8.1 Miles away. Please book here

RSVP ... asap

I know, I know Septemeber feels like an age away, however in the current climate knowing the numbers as early as possible will really help everyone involved. I've made it really easy for you ... if you could click the link HERE and press a few buttons that would be much appreciated (it means all the information I need is in one place, so even if you've told me previously one way or another that you're coming please, please let me know here as it also acts as a register for Covid 19 too).

Keeping my fingers crossed you can make it. I really am looking forward to celebrating with you! I'll be in touch again nearer the time - See you soon xxx