Party Thank You

I just wanted to say a really, really big thankyou to you all for making my night so special. I am really grateful to each and every one of you, not only for travelling far and wide, but also for bringing your youness and making my party the best it could be.

I loved having every one of you there - even if I didn't get time to spend with you individually - collectively you made my party.

A huge thank you to my boys for all the effort and hard work that they put in to make me feel special, loved and cherished on the night.

To Josh and Sue for letting me lose on The Boats waterside terrace and creating my own little party world for the day, and of course for your heart, your words, and making my night happen in amongst the chaos and busyness of running a hectic business. To Teresa & Steph for helping me decorate and dress the venue (otherwise I may well have been very late to my own party) You helped make my vision reality, thank you. To the family and friends who also worked the bar and cooked the food so we could eat, drink and dance the night away - you are like gold dust - Thank YOU. To The Girls, my girls, The Dancing Donkey and The Singing Chef - honestly, I loved every bit of thought, effort and giggles that went in to making that all happen - I laughed, I cried ... and felt Treasured. Thank you (Big hugs to you Mads for pulling that off) Definately a sitting round the veranda story for when we're 90.

And to you lovely lot, for being there, for dancing, celebrating and partying with me 'till dawn (and it was dawn - will I ever learn!)

Lots of love x


PS - I forgot to take a single photograph and would love it if you could send me any pictures you have taken of the night, be that of you, the tables, others - please send them to me on 07899747953.

Screenshot 2021-09-13 at 11.07.55