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The Art & Soul of Newborn Photography


Are you a newborn photographer ready to build a profitable authentic business with passion and creativity?

One of the biggest challenges newborn photographers face today is building a profitable, authentic business that fuels their passion and pushes their creativity.

There are many keys to any successful business, one of them is the business owner's ability to drive the business forwards in a way that inspires them to grow it with passion, another is for the business owner to be at the heart of their business confidently.

On this workshop Melanie East and Clare Louise invite you to explore all that is possible for you, your business and your creativity and give you the tools to empower your business so it can reach it's full potential.


Overcome the notion that you must be regular. It robs you of the chance to be extraordinary

- Uta Hagen


What will you learn?

How To Pose Baby Safely With Confidence

Posing Mother & Baby

Posing Mother, Father & Baby

How To Create Timeless Pieces Of Art

Refine Lighting Skills -Enhancing newborn features through correct shooting angles

The Importance of Knowing Your Numbers - Simple strategies to build profit

How To Create The Clients You Want

How To Engage With High Value Clients You Love

How To Understand Your USP and Sell Confidently

How To Define Your Creative Voice and Create Deeper Connections With Your Clients

How To Create Images With Impact

How To Stop Standing in Your Own Way


What will you explore?

Techniques, Posing and Transitions

Textures and Tones

Shadow & Light, Angles, Depth and Shape

Building a Profitable Business

Sales and Marketing

Sales Scripts



Creating a Business With Soul




Goals & Dreams

Limiting Beliefs

Self Empowerment

Creating From Intuition

What will you discover?





Creative Inspiration




Business/Creative Voice

Business Value

Inner Creative

What Lights You Up

Your Business Purpose


Your Blueprint To Success

The Way Forward

This is an interactive hands on workshop, where delegates will be given the opportunity to shoot and participate fully in all activities - please bring cameras


What you will need




3 x Printed images for Print Critique

Business Literature

An Open Mind

A Mindset to Succeed



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Set at the home of Graphistudio - Count Ceconi Castle is the perfect space to delve deeper into the magic of your creativity, the heart and soul of your business, refine techniques and craft the next steps of your future. With a wealth of inspiration at your fingertips this soulful location offers you both time and space to discover your version of more.

About Melanie East


Melanie East is a multi award winning newborn photographer. Her fierce courage, strong business ethics and belief in newborn safety saw her leave a high flying career as a lawyer and craft a successful business doing what she loves - Creating Art in Newborn Photography.

Today Melanie is one of the leading newborn photography trainers, a published author on the subject of newborn photography, an international print competition judge who mentors and teaches worldwide.

Melanie is passionate about all aspects of newborn photography, and in her Art of the Newborn community she loves to see photographers thrive. Melanie provides respectful and constructive critique, business and lighting advice and offers inspiration for newborn photographers all over the world who are ready to build a profitable business doing what they love.

About Clare Louise

Clare Louise and EmmaLilly

Clare Louise is a creative coach, passionate about helping creatives thrive in their lives, art and businesses. Specialising in authenticity and empowerment Clare Louise helps creatives across the globe find their creative voice and break through limiting beliefs.

A multi award winning soulful creative, with a fellowship in Fine Art, Clare Louise has extensive experience in the photographic industry. As past CEO of an international photographic association, photographic mentor, international judge and qualifications examiner, as well as a fully trained business and life coach Clare Louise brings all parts of her wealth of expertise together in her creative coaching.

'Creativity is our most underutilised asset, I have a deep desire to wake people up to all of who they are and change lives through the power of authentic creativity'

Are you ready to inspire your passion and empower your business soul?


8th - 12th April 2019

Only £895

£195 non refundable deposit to secure your place.

Fee includes all training, daily return transport from hotel to castle, return transfer from Venice to hotel, welcome drinks 8th April, lunch 9th - 12th inc. and celebration dinner on 12th April

*Excludes flights and accommodation - please ensure you have adequate travel insurance



What other people say

Melanie East

I can not tell you just how much my newborn photography has improved. I can honestly say, hand on heart, if it wasn't for Melanie I would not be producing the work I am now

Deana Hewitt - Retreat Delegate 2017/2018

Truly inspiring. Melanie gives so much support and guidance. The improvement in my work is huge

Sarah Sutton

She goes that extra mile

Trixie Hiscock

Melanie is patient and shares freely her own skills and wealth of knowledge

Judy Laing

Absolutely brilliant - the perfect role model

Sarah Viernes

Melanie East

Having previously trained with Melanie I wanted to take my newborn photography to the next level. So when the opportunity came to train with her in Italy I can honestly say, hands down, it's the best decision I ever made for my business. Melanie went above and beyond, ensuring every delegate got the very best from the workshop. I left Italy feeling refreshed, excited and inspired as to where I can take my business

Victoria Prince - Retreat Delegate 2018

Such an amazing trainer who has so much knowledge and experience in this industry. Even after the training Melanie is always there to help and support you

Natalie Moss

Melanie East

Melanie holds nothing back and truly wants to see her delegates go forward from her training and succeed. She invests so much time, care and effort. Her attention to detail is amazing. In every single aspect the value far exceeded the training fee.

Georgia Lemon Retreat Delegate 2018


A fantastic teacher. Friendly, Knowledgeable and incredibly generous.

Andrea Thornton

When it comes to business training, Melanie is spot on and offers honest information. A wealth of  knowledge in newborn photography and safety training

Gail Henry


Melanie East

...the best decision I ever made. In 12 months Melanie got me from a full time accountant to a full time photographer

Anne Worle 2017 Retreat Delegate

Melanie's  knowledge of newborn safety and posing is outstanding. Italy 2017 was amazing - so much so that I've just booked to come back!

Phoebe Berridge

She taught me more than I could have imagined

Pippa Brown

Such selfless training - I've learnt so much

Laura Wrench

Was Melanie worth it? Yes ... every single penny

Sheila Mann

Clare Louise

I was lacking direction and confidence on how to drive my business forward. Clare Louise's coaching has far exceeded my expectations. If you are at a point in your business where you are struggling either running your business or feeling that your creativity has gone, Clare Louise is insightful and will help bring the best version of you back into your creativity and your business.

It takes a very clever and intuitive eye to see what is failing in your business and why.

Clare Louise has an amazing way at delving into so many aspects of your business and the role you play in that. She helps you see what needs to change and helps you find solutions that can really transform things both financially for the business and emotionally for your wellbeing.

Lisa Visser

Clare Louise

Clare Louise is kind, genuine, patient, and hugely passionate about helping others access and challenge their creativity. She creates a safe environment to allow people to be themselves and has an incredible ability to be present with people in a way that helps them access themselves in a much deeper way.

She helps unlock what is holding you back in your creativity and shows that your potential is only hindered by your own limits and fears

Kathryn Chapman

I am blown away on the impact this coaching has had on me and my business. Clare Louise has this amazing talent to listen, understand and take something that seems so complicated and make it make sense. Her ability to listen and get you relaxed and comfortable to open up is incredible.

Michele Sinclair

Clare Louise

My passion for photography was at a new low and so was my confidence. I wanted to rediscover who I am and reignite my passion.

Thank you Clare Louise for believing in me, showing me how to find my creativity again, bringing my passion for photography back and allowing us a free space with no boundaries for this to happen. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much.

Jo Worthington


I can see clearly now for the first time in years! If you are thinking about Clare Louise's coaching, stop thinking about it and just do it. It will change your business life and personal life for the better. Since working with Clare Louise my creativity has been running free ... I feel alive !

Amanda Trotter

Life Changing

Catherine Conner

Clare Louise

It was like you pulled my head off, thrust your arm down my neck and removed that fuzzy knot of confusion, tenderly replacing it with clarity and direction. You inspired the whole class to find inspiration from within at the same time, I've never experienced this.

Khalile Siddiqui

Clare Louise gives you the strength to break down barriers, feel the fear and do it anyway - her business coaching is invaluable to me in my training business.

Melanie East

Clare Louise is unique. Her coaching blends a strong understanding of the power of emotions, energy and human connection with an entrepreneurial and creative rigor. She creates a space for you to grow but at the same time takes no nonsense, lovingly holding you to account. The result is truly transformative.

Matt Hall