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Have a deeper understanding of who you are and where your life is meant to be

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Knowing who we are, our values, acknowledging our hopes, dreams and aspirations and taking those all important steps to honor our self and follow our dreams are some of the keys to unlocking lasting happiness.

We are all uniquely talented, and have a vast capacity for growth. Our desire to be more is an intrinsic part of how we develop and evolve as human beings.

This work shop has been designed to enable you time, space and tools to tap into your greatness, your MORE, your youness so you can live your life empowered, in your potential, and as you seek fulfillment, live it passionately.

Workshop Length : One Day

Multiple Locations

Only £99.00

With dedicated time to think, reflect, heal and take action, each module has been designed to leave you with a deeper understanding of who you are and where your life is meant to be, leaving you with your unique plan of action for the months ahead.

Designed for creatives who are ready to create lifelong change and commit to their future.


Taking The First Steps to Following Your Dreams

Uncover your core values – when we understand our core values it is easier for us to find where belong and make choices.

Knowing what makes you tick helps you align with the right people, environments and projects that resonate positively within you

Understand what holds you back

Our emotions are our drivers and dictate the way we lead our life, they shape our perception of the world around us and what drives us. becoming more emotionally intelligent, being honest with our self we can look into the parts of us that holds us back. What are the negative conversations you are having with your self ? What are your I cant’s? Discover the power of what if to remove your blocks.

Find the gifts from your past

Dive deeper into what holds you back and unlock the secrets found in life’s challenges

Discover your dreams

Dedicated time to connect to you and reconnect to your dreams

Uncover what courage means to you & connect to it

Understand what drives you forward and resonate with your courage

Commit to your dreams

Create your step by step action plan to motivate you for the months ahead

Tap into your spontaneity and learn the power of thinking before acting and reacting

Channel your emotions to manifest change – become the leader of your life


Are you ready to take action and follow your dreams?



Five reasons to attend this workshop

Reconnect to your passion

Know who you are

Let go of what holds you back

Create a plan - know your next steps

Live in the reality of your dreams


Discover The Magic Within


About Me

Clare Louise and EmmaLilly

My name is Clare Louise, founder of Creating Creativity. I’m a proud Mom, creative thinker, dream maker, fine art photographer, business owner, international photographic judge and qualifications examiner, inspirational speaker and an award winning photographer with a fellowship in Fine Art. I’ve been CEO of an international association for over 4 years. Today I’m a coach, consultant and mentor with over 15 years experience in the photographic industry.

I understand from experience the challenges and frustrations most small creative business owners face. I’ve travelled the world exploring creativity and discovering it. I love sharing my knowledge with like minded people who are committed to taking action and following their dreams.

My dream is to inspire passion and empower the creative soul helping others thrive in their life, art and businesses.

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What people say


Not only is Clare Louise so intune with people, she makes you feel welcome, loved, nurtured, listened to and above all held in her decadent angel wings of love. She helped me understand what held me back, and that lifes challenges do not define you. I am incharge of my life now. Read more.

Abby Wilkes

The workshop gave me the time and tools to be honest with myself, explore and identify parts of me that I had forgotten were there!


I can't believe the difference in my life in only three weeks. I can't thank you enough! I've gone from feeling worthless to taking back control of my life. Its given me the strength to move forward, remain calm and see things through new eyes.


Life Changing

Catherine Conner

This was so different to anything I've ever attended. Everyone came away buzzing. Thank you for the love and energy you gave and for giving so much of yourself. You truly are an inspiration.


I've never seen so many people impacted by anything at the same time like this, amazing. My creativity hasn't stopped flowing. Thank You

Maria Z

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