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It's not easy being a creative, sometimes it can be such hard work always trying to find that unique perspective, that something new and special that makes you stand out from the crowd or inspires you enough to get out there and create.

It can be so frustrating searching for that authentic creative voice and finding your style. So many creatives are focused on looking outside of themselves for that inspiration that they overlook the most powerful space to find this by looking within.

Many creatives never take the time to explore who they are as a creative, leaving them following the crowd, never reaching their full potential or creative purpose which often leaves them feeling unfulfilled, uninspired and dis-empowered.


In this active learning workshop you will explore the three levels of creativity, learn how to connect deeper to your subject, so they feel seen and heard and create concepts in the moment.

Through intuition, you will access authentic creativity and inspiration. You will explore your creative pace and have a deeper understanding of where you work best from, picking up simple tools to help you regain control when under pressure.


Are you ready to leave your mark in your world?
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Unleash the creative within

Many creatives look outside of themselves for inspiration, holding themselves back from authentic creativity.

Creative block can be debilitating, stopping creatives from reaching their full potential and thriving doing what they love.

In this workshop we will be exploring simple and powerful techniques that connect us to our authentic creativity, deepening the connection to our inspired thoughts and empower the creative within.


Learning how to access our unique resource of inspired thoughts enables us to connect to our subjects at a deeper level  and create from a place of feeling, touching our subjects and viewers at a deeper more meaningful level.

Learning how to access our intuition and use this as a creative resource is one of the most empowering and authentic spaces to create from.

Challenge your creativity, explore the 3 levels of creativity, create concepts and ideas in the moment and learn powerful tools to create from.


When you know who you are as a creative you create with confidence, adding clarity and purpose to your creativity.

Deepening your authenticity and creative voice impacts your work in immeasurable ways.

Get clarity on who you are and how you perform best, know your creative pace, space and place. Have confidence in how you show up taking charge of your creativity so you can get out there and consciously create.

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What you will need


An open mind



Permission to press pause on the outside world

To leave what you already know behind

To be ready to dance in the moment



Find inspiration like never before, create new concepts and ideas in the moment

Create from something, create from nothing, create from everything

Supporting creatives to thrive in their lives, art and businesses

Would you like to find out more about the workshop? Not sure if you should book? Either follow the link above and schedule a time for me to call you or drop me an email and let's talk.

It's important to me that every one who attends my workshops and retreats get to feel the full benefits of what we create together, including me. I promise you if I feel this particular workshop is not for you I'll let you know.



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What Other People Say


Who've experienced these techniques

Inspiring and challenging. It felt great to connect with myself and others on such an unusually deep level.

Ciara Rush

Blown Away - A wake-up call

Thank you!

Kent Olsson

I will never shoot in the same way again - I will trust my instincts more than I ever have and I will storm on bringing to life all the visions of creativity I have. I feel my professional life has taken on a massive and fundamental shift - a huge new world of possibility has opened up for me. What’s changed for me most is finding the excitement and energy for my work again but this time it has so much more meaning. I’m allowing my creative essence the freedom to be whatever it wants and I trust it completely and it’s fun to see what comes out - it’s a bit like watching a movie in my head. I know that if I put the right energy into a shoot, the good stuff happens and the great stuff emerges without even realising it. I never thought that confidence would feel so good! I trust myself and respect the professional in me. It makes so much sense that personal and creative development run side by side and the fact that it explodes into every aspect of my life is such a joy. I have been understanding more and more why you do your work! It’s so wonderful.

Kathryn Chapman

Eye opening (and soul opening) I learnt a lot about myself. I feel empowered and very positive!

Fiona Davies

I have been on hundreds of training courses. This course is completely different to any other and has had a major impact on my life. I came away with new eyes and perspective of my life and how I want it to change. I did not want the day to end. Even the most skeptical would find something from the day. I walked away with the best images I feel I have ever created and I still want to achieve more and have amazing images in my mind that I'm now itching to create!

Kelly Taylor - Make-Up Artist

Absolutely brilliant, made me think more deeply and gave me the correct place to draw my creativity from!

Tony Hale

It was like you pulled my head off, thrust your arm down my neck and removed that fuzzy knot of confusion, tenderly replacing it with clarity and direction. You inspired the whole class to find inspiration from within at the same time, I've never experienced this.

Khalile Siddiqui

Life Changing

Catherine Conner

Brilliance is the only word!

William Quain

My passion for photography was at a new low and so was my confidence. I wanted to rediscover who I am and reignite my passion. The workshop went way beyond my expectations and more!

Thank you Clare Louise for believing in me, showing me how to find my creativity again, bringing my passion for photography back and allowing us a free space with no boundaries for this to happen. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much.

Jo Worthington - Photographer

Totally amazing with lots of cool tools to use immediately. Thank You

Cath Blomkvist

it set me up to a new way of being and thinking. Her supportive guidance has helped bring clarity and self- awareness of who I am as a creative. I was able to give myself the much overdue permission to say, YES!, to my artistic dreams. Yes, to exploring my artistic journey as a ‘Self-full’ creative.

Marjorie Lord Artist

Movement changes everything! I've learnt how to take the stresses off and find where my confidence is

RB Comedian

Very refreshing, not what you'd expect, but definitely what you need to stay focused on your creative self.

Navjit Singh Surdhar

These exercises were unbelievable, I felt like you took my mind to a different place and I now approach shoots differently. I saw things in me and felt things in me I didn't even know was there - I have grown so much in such a short period of time. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn more about myself and to see creativity from a different perspective.

Orson Nurse - Model

Amazing! Thank you so much. Very inspirational, you opened my eyes to what lies within me. I came out energised and ready to connect deeper with myself and others.

Anna Rakounska

This has opened up a depth that I've been suppressing in me most of my life

Frankie Ernst Creative Director

I learnt how to get ideas on the fly, explore new angles and how my movement changes everything, I learnt to slow down and how to access my authentic creativity.

Libby Robins - Art Director

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