The CMM programme details

The Programme

You are your businesses most important asset - invest in and nurture the skills you need to grow you as an authentic, confident creative leader.

10 x Monthly Sessions - Full One Day Workshops:

Each workshop follows the same structure.

Self - Expand your leadership range exploring archetypes to stretch and grow who you are as a creative leader in your life, art and business

Business - Explore your relationship with your business and your business as an entity in its own right. Build strong foundations for a successful business and lead it.

Creativity - Connect too and stretch your creative practice, deepening your connection to your authentic voice and creative call.

The Power Process - Each month a delegate is invited to bring a current business/creative/personal challenge to explore and brainstorm solutions for taking their next steps

Accountability - Tap into the power of  accountability with monthly online group calls and accountability partner calls

Online Resources - Get access to exclusive mastermind delegate content in The Creatives Space, an online resource of tools and downloads for continual personal and business development

Tools - Receive tools to use outside of The Creatives Mastermind to continue your personal, creative and business growth

Coaching - 1-2-1 coaching sessions to keep you on track to your goals

Membership Rates - receive membership rates for 1-2-1 coaching and spaces on The Creatives Retreat


Surround yourself with a higher caliber of people that will push you, encourage you and hold you accountable to following your creative dreams.


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Moving Forwards

When something needs to change ... it all starts with you. Your life, your creative expression and business practice are all a mirror of you. Go deep exploring the foundations and structure that you are building your future on, what's working, what's not, what's next and what needs to change to fill the gap.


The Voice

Explore the call to authenticity. What does your business do and how are you holding your business back? How are you communicating your message to the outside world? Get a deeper understanding of you, your why and align that with your business to build a business with soul.



Learn powerful tools to explore perspective, trust, connection and value and explore the three levels of creativity. Release your authentic creative flow. Explore your limitations around charging for your creativity and the value of what you sell.




Deepening the connection to the authentic creative self, the business and client. Access tools to coach your client and create meaningful, authentic, creative connections.



How do we build on success? Explore ownership, leadership and communication. Enhance the entrepreneurial vision and action. Embracing the creative self and form of expression


Order & Vision

Explore the wellbeing of your creative practice. Align the doing actions with who you are being - what are the practical steps that hold you back and what are you resisting?Where are you scattered? Explore procrastination and productivity to bring order for better work/life balance



Stop comparing - start creating. How do you connect to your creative flow. Understand your creative architecture, the five creative styles, the impact they have on your business and in your creative practice ... and how you get in your own way. Unleash your creative potential - connect to and activate your creative call.


What's next

Start looking at the next 12 months, bring in the bigger vision and start forward planning. Create a strong vision for forward movement and lock in business and creative confidence, clarity & direction. Create a 10 year business blueprint and financial plan ... and the mid and short term steps to get you there.


Being of Service

Explore how you show up as a leader and how your business serves your clients.  Understand the customer journey and how your business  communicates at each step



Honoring you, your business and creative growth. What is your story? Celebrating the journey, deepen your connection to your creative call with commitment as an empowered, purposeful business, creative and leader.