The Creative Pause
Discover The Magic Within


To reconnect to our most creative part - the creative spirit, is to reconnect to our authenticity, our curiosity and our fierce courage. Here we have no limits and are in touch with our full potential, our expansiveness, our more.


'Connect to the parts your heart forgot ... wake up to all of who you are'


Most of us live our lives with no time to stop and reflect, no time to take a breath. We rarely gift ourselves the time to absorb whats going on in our lives or businesses and we begin to live a life rushing from one day to the next, losing connection with the creative spark that ignites us to live a passionate life. Instead we live from day to day feeling overwhelmed, living a life without meaning, asleep to the fullness of our lives as we are busy living to survive.


‘You spend your whole life stuck in a labyrinth thinking about how you’ll escape one day and how awesome it will be and imagining that future keeps you going, but you never do it. You just use the future to escape the present’
John Green - Looking for Alaska

Creativity comes in many forms, it’s not just found through art. It may flow through you in your ideas, how you live your life, it may show up in your approach to solution finding. It can be found in science, in business - what makes creativity authentic is how its expressed, when you add your youness to all that you do. Creativity is one of our keys to success - in can help us in all areas of our lives, it helps us adapt to change, become more resourceful as well as find ways to express ourselves freely.

The Creative Pause is a space where we can take a breath, reflect, re-evaluate and reconnect to our creative spirit. It's the space where we temporarily stop and take time to understand; to get curious, explore, uncover and discover. It’s about deepening our relationship with ourselves, strengthening our intuition, our expression, our creativity.

It allows us to connect to the creative within; accessing our authentic creative voice so we can have that conversation with ourselves. It is during that internal dialogue where we can finally be heard, where we can listen, heal, make powerful choices to take those all important next steps intentionally, passionately; inspired and empowered.

The Pause

Before we step forward, taking time to really understand what's working and where our challenges are is a fundamental part of creating positive change. Focusing on what we need to do more of, what we need to do less of and who we need to be to achieve those next steps is the difference between making something happen and wishing it would happen.  This space is perfect to reflect and get clarity on the area's where change most is needed.


To enable us to take charge of our life and move forwards having clarity, direction and a sense of purpose that aligns to our values is key. We need to explore what lights us up, what fulfills us. Deepen our connection to our life purpose, our goals and dreams. Discover our values so we can ensure our next steps are taken purposefully and passionately.

Inspiration is the part of us that ignites the desire within us to take action. Learn to connect deeper to your values, your intuition and use this a space to create from.

Learn to connect to your surroundings and nature, using this as a space to find inspiration and guidance from.

Learn how and why we should listen to our bodies and access it as a source of wisdom. Recognising our internal signs and start to listen deeper.


With every change in life comes an element of fear, an inner alarm goes off to try and maintain the status quo. All of us have a self sabotaging inner voice (or voices) that holds us back, it's human nature. The bigger the change and more exciting the dream, the louder the inner saboteur shouts giving us reasons to stop following our dreams, to never push ourselves beyond our comfort zone, to not reach our full potential, or worse still, to never even make a start.

Uncover the self saboteur, have a deeper understanding of when they appear in your life, explore how you can take back control. Connect to your inner leader, your creative spirit, empower your life and start living the life you always new you could.

Connect to your inner leader and break through limiting beliefs, gain confidence, self belief and trust in your next steps.

Think more expansively, be aware and connected to your full potential, embody the self-full part of you that will push your life forwards.


Being and Doing

We all have the capacity to create an air tight action plan that works, on paper, yet why do so many goals and dreams pass us by unfulfilled?

The doing actions are easier to focus on for many of us, yet we forget to focus on the being part of us ... who do we need to be to make our magic happen?

We are all creative, resourceful and whole, know what it feels like to be in your full power and create. Access the different aspects of you so you can work in your full range and reach your full potential.

What can you achieve? What do you need to do to take your next steps? What do those next steps look like? What resources do you already have to take those steps and start to make things happen?

Create a step by step action plan, goals with soul, have direction, clarity and focus to motivate you for the months ahead.

Intention is a powerful tool, manifesting change, our dreams from a place of empowerment, belief and knowing is how we synchronize our energy with our vision.

Access your creativity and create a visual expression of your dreams, embodying your renewed vision, passion and purpose with feeling.


'Within all of us is the capacity to manifest and attract all that we need and desire' - Wayne Dyer


It’s time, it's time to slow down, to breathe, to reconnect … it’s time to turn your dreams into reality and start making it happen ... what ever it may be.

It’s time to rise.


What you will need :

A notebook

A pen

An open heart and mind

Your readiness to create change

YOU ... all of you

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This is a full day workshop


includes course materials and artwork materials - lunch not included


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