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As creatives we are often trying to find the space to live our lives following what lights us up. Yet we spend most of our time feeling short of breath from running busy lives and businesses, trying to catch up or get ahead so that someday we can be the creative we’ve always wanted to be.

Even with good intentions and goals, we often have difficulty in making ‘it’ happen, whatever ‘it’ maybe. Partly because we have focused on the goal as the means of fulfillment, putting the emphasis in the wrong place. Creativity is not something you can buy or own … it is a way of being.

Many creatives struggle to reach their full potential, define their creative voice and, or even grow a profitable business they love. This workshop has been designed as a foundation step to look deeper at your goals and dreams and help get clarity on your big vision and your next steps.

It's time to rise ... are you ready?
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Empower Your Vision


Most creatives are doing what they have always done and spend most of their time fighting to move forwards without taking the time to explore what is holding them back. This lack of knowledge keeps us in that never ending circle that weighs us down, bringing a tiredness and lack of motivation that turns us away from our passion and dreams.

Getting clarity around what holds us back and what drives us forwards shifts us into a new perspective. It gives us insight and foresight, inspiring us to take action in the right direction.

In this session we will be getting clarity on what needs to change so you can take those all important next steps to following your dreams.




Connecting to the part of us that can drive us forward is the key to our success, having the right mindset, heartset and soulset is fundamental to creating lasting change.

Many creatives, whilst full of great ideas, hopes, dreams and concepts get stuck behind an abundance of limiting beliefs; and if they get off the starting block, never make it passed the first hurdle.

In this session we will get to know the part of us that holds us back and explore through visualization and group work our bigger picture, connecting us to our purpose and embodying the parts of us that empower us and drive us forwards to create transformational change.




How many of us have a well thought out plan, solid foundation stones to build a business that aligns with our passion and who we are as an authentic creator?

Many creatives fall in love with being a creative and have got where they are flying by the seat of their pants. With little or no direction or understanding about why or who their business is, they find themselves drifting, getting stuck in a rut, spending most of their time going round in ever decreasing circles.

In this session we will be creating an over view of your bigger picture, the pathway that will get you there and working out your next steps. Exploring our perspective of commitment, what will move us forward so we can take those next steps confidently and make it happen.

Experiential Learning

What you will need to bring

Pen, Paper

An Open Mind

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It's challenging, inspiring and empowering

Are you ready to see what's possible?

Would you like to find out more about the workshop? Not sure if you should book? Either follow the link above and schedule a time for me to call you or drop me an email and let's talk.

It's important to me that every one who attends my workshops and retreats get to feel the full benefits of what we create together, including me. I promise you if I feel this particular workshop is not for you I'll let you know.



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Supporting creatives to thrive in their lives, art & businesses

Derek Poulston Portrait 1

Derek Poulson

Managing Director - One Vision Imaging

I’ve come across many talented photographers throughout my career. Many of them with substantial technical know-how and often with a great understanding of natural light which is possibly their greatest gift. This however doesn’t necessarily ensure they unlock their true creative self. Opening up your inner-self, letting your imagination run wild and then finding a way to capture and recreate your creative thoughts is an empowering practice. Clare-Louise’s unique approach is both humbling and exhilarating. Having succeed herself in this challenging industry Clare-Louise not only helps deliver this process, but will link it to self-belief and a drive and enthusiasm to turn your creativity into a profitable business in photography.

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What Other People Say

Val Masferrer Oliveira

Why did you choose to attend Clare Louise’s workshop ‘Creating a blue print to  personal success’?

I try to select 2 or 3 different courses every year in order to have break and rethink about my creative process. For sure ‘Creating a blue print to  personal success’ was much beyond my expectation. It was a few hours journey but enough to take my feet from the floor and invite me to fly…

What was the biggest value from the day? 

The biggest value from the day was to allow myself to dive deep into the inner layers. Layers that we all have and most of the time we try to avoid. Old values that we tend not to question, not to challenge. Clare managed to create such a special  environment and even the most introverted ones were able to express their feelings, boarding in this interesting adventure.

What did you explore during the workshop? 

We explored everything. Everything was welcomed by Clare in order to make each one of us comfortable in our own moment. I was very curious watching how she approached each one of us. It seems she new already what she was looking for, what she going to explore with that person. I was surprised how she could deal with so many different personalities at the same time. Although we were all photographers, I believe this course would be suitable for any type of creative practitioner.

What’s changed because of what you experienced in the workshop?

I left the workshop with a feeling that I can explore other areas in my creative work, for example painting my own work which has been a dream for many years. I have been transforming my camera as a brush for the past 8 years but now I decided that I will create some special editions, painting my own images.

How do you see these changes impacting your life, art and business? 

Starting to paint my images will put my work into another perspective as a creative practitioner. Being able to work with other media always adds value to an artist. I also believe that it has given me more confidence to dare and maybe start using even another medias.

What would you tell others about Clare Louise and this workshop? 

I would advise them to be prepared to touch their desires, dreams. I would also advise them to be prepared to deal with things that sometimes we try to avoid…our shadow. Facing it can be very rich and Clare’s program is developed to make you not only to face your own shadow but ‘dance with it’. She really wants and expects answers and changes during the workshop. It will be a challenging day with a sense of re-invigoration, empowerment and freedom that will appear at the end of the day…believe me. Enjoy it!!

It was like you pulled my head off, thrust your arm down my neck and removed that fuzzy knot of confusion, tenderly replacing it with clarity and direction. You inspired the whole class to find inspiration from within at the same time, I've never experienced this.

Khalile Siddiqui

When I left this workshop I finally had the mental space and energy to do what I've been putting off doing for some time. It was like letting go of the millstone from round my neck.

Finally I now have the space and energy to make my future happen and have taken huge steps since to make that happen. Thank you.

Tim R

I really didn't know what to expect when I signed up but I had a great and inspiring day! I've been busy getting rid of the mental and physical clutter since and now have an idea for my A panel and am ready to make this my next project.

Tamara Cartwright-Loebl

Life Changing

Catherine Conner

The soul map was key for me, I now have so much clarity around why I am in business and feel excited about the future. I could have spent all day exploring this alone. Such a refreshing approach to business.

Emily Jay

Thank You for a great workshop!

Andy Smith

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