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Thank you so much for choosing to take your next steps of your creative path in The Creatives Mastermind Programme. I really am looking forward to taking the next steps of this journey with you. It's important that this journey begins as smoothly and as soon as possible for you.

I've put together below all the things you need to know, relevant links and information on what's next.

Bookmark this page, it will become your goto space during our time together. You can access my diary and other resource pages that will be opened up during the programme.

In the meantime, if you want to contact me, I am here :

Any questions, feel free to contact me on telegram.

Clare Louise and EmmaLilly

Everyday we have two choices, to get up and make our dreams happen ... or stay sleeping with them instead.

It's time to rise.


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Getting Started

The next step is to complete The Audit Document which you can access here. This gives us both deeper insight into why you are here and what's important for you to focus on during your time in The Creatives Mastermind programme - it is a tool that you can reconnect with regularly to ensure you are heading in the right direction.

Please schedule some quality time to sit down with you and complete this document fully, expressing as much as you can.

Our first session will be exploring these pages and going deeper having built trust and a positive space to start from.

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Book Your Sessions

If you have booked the additional coaching package, please book your sessions in here. Please ensure this is booked in during the dates listed at the bottom of this page under 1-2-1 coaching.

If you would like to book additional one to one sessions you can do so here. Please select a Breakthrough session. This session is for 45 minuites and will be invoiced at the membership rate of £65 per hour, your session is not confirmed until payment has been recieved.

**please note due to lockdowns dates may change to enable face to face meetings where possible

Remember to book time into your diary outside of The Mastermind dates to ensure you create space to carve your path. This time is about making a commitment to you and your potential and will be the difference between wishing your dreams would happen and making them happen happen.

Where possible, create a structure and routine for working on and in this programme.

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Hints & Tips

Making the most of our time together

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The Magic happens outside of our sessions.

Commit to making your dreams happen by scheduling time in your diary to make them happen.

Leaders make time for their dreams and whats important in life rather than letting life get in the way.


Have a journal specific to your mastermind journey. Use this for any reflections or insights that may come up outside of our sessions.

It's important for you to have a space to reflect and record, it enables you to track your progress and see any repeating patterns.

Awareness is the light that enables you to step into who you are becoming.


For the best expereince during remote sessions it is important that we remove as much distraction as possible. Headphones enables connection on a deeper level.

If possible, wireless headphones will be a great asset to all online calls.

Creating deeper connections to ourselves and the world around us

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2022 Dates




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Terms and conditions : You have committed to a 12 month programme which consists of 10 x in-person full day group sessions and 2 pause months. Any changed to dates,times and venue will be updated on this page. You will also be entitled to membership rates for any additional one to one coaching sessions and The Creatives Retreat.You can view full Terms & Conditions here