The Creatives Mastermind


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The Creatives Mastermind

A Blueprint For Success

Achieve your potential and make an impact doing what you love.This unique leadership programme focuses on you the whole person as you follow your creative call and turn your dreams into reality.

INSPIRE : Expand your creative range. Create deeper connections to yourself and the world around you through authentic creativity.  Throughout this programme we will challenge the current creative perspective, connect to the creative self and explore your creative range. Learn techniques to connect deeper to your authentic creativity and tools to shift your perspective - expanding your thought processes and creative flow.

EMPOWER : Your life, your business, your dreams will only grow as far as your limitations. Where do you stand in your own way? Expand your inner resources and explore your leadership dynamics. Take a deep dive into whose at the heart of your life, your creative potential and your business and explore the relationship you have with them. Grow aspects of you that are both developed and underdeveloped and explore who you are becoming as an empowered and authentic leader. Learn to trust in you, your decisions and your vision for your future - and build the confidence to get out there and make your dreams happen.

CREATE: Your business, your creative practice has potential beyond the limitations of your fears, doubts, limiting beleifs and what you don't know you don't know. Connect to the bigger picture, your purpose, values and vision. Create your business blueprint for a sustainable business that you love, and move forwards with focus, clarity, direction and confidence as you build a business with soul.

A leadership programme for purposeful creators who are ready stretch and grow who they are in their lives, art and businesses.

If your creativity or your business isn't growing - it's because you're not growing.


The Programme
You are your businesses most important asset - invest in and nurture the skills you need to grow you as an authentic, confident creative leader.

Monthly Sessions - 10 x Full One Day Workshops:
Each workshop follows the same structure.

Self - Expand your leadership range exploring archetypes to stretch and grow who you are as a creative leader in your life, art and business

Business - Explore your relationship with your business and your business as an entity in its own right. Build strong foundations for a successful business and lead it.

Creativity - Explore the five creative styles. Connect too and expand your creative intelligence, deepening your connection to your authentic voice and creative call.

The Power Process - Each month a delegate is invited to bring a current business/creative to explore and brainstorm solutions for taking their next steps

Accountability - Tap into the power of  accountability with designated accountability pods

Coaching - 10 x 1-2-1 coaching sessions

Online Resources - Get access to exclusive mastermind delegate content in The Creatives Space, an online resource of tools and downloads for continual personal, creative and business development

Tools - Receive tools to use outside of The Creatives Mastermind to continue your personal, creative and business growth

Membership Rates - receive membership rates for 1-2-1 coaching and spaces on The Creatives Retreat


Surround yourself with people that will push you, encourage you and hold you accountable to following your creative dreams.


What makes this group different?

Most training programmes focus on one key area ... the doing actions of the practice they are delivering. What they are not exploring is who we are being as a creative or business leader. You, your life, creativity and business can only go as far as your limiting beliefs, fears and doubts will take them.

In this programme, we focus on your business and creative practice AND we look at the whole person - who you are being and the relationship between you and your business and how you are leading it, we focus on your creative call and what fuels your passion and then we focus on your business as an entity in its own right. We explore what's possible, create plans - strategic and finacial, for turning your possibiliites into action. We explore where you get in your own way and learn tools and techniques to empower whose at the heart of the business. As we build trust in ourselves - we lead empowered, authentic, creative lives and navigate our path, confidently leading our creative practice with purpose, passion and a plan.

Discover the magic within ... it's time to rise

Creative Leadership

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Confidence. Clarity. Direction. Purpose. Passion. Plan

The leadership programme that empowers whose at the heart of the business, whilst focusing on business and creative growth

Empower the Creative in you

The Creatives Mastermind Mantra


We know that personal development is a crucial part of our creative and business growth

We know that our success starts with us and take responsibility for being the leader creativity is calling us to be

We know that having the heart of a small business and the mindset of a big business is fundamental to our success

We know who we are and who we are becoming as authentic creators

We are open to using our whole selves as a source of creative inspiration and understand that creativity can only flow as deep as we are prepared to take ourselves

We have a vision and plan and are ready to step up and out - building a creative practice with soul and purpose

We are courageous, creative, accountable, driven and authentic - we are prepared to step out of our egos way and challenge where and who we are in order to grow

We are committed to our growth, know confusion is part of that growth and are devoted to reaching our potential, even in the tough times

We understand that the real work happens outside of our sessions and make space for growth in our everyday lives

We know we must fall in love with the business of doing business and are committed to creating a sustainable business blueprint and implementing it so we can build strong foundations in and for our business

We utilise our creative call to develop the business and lifestyle we desire

We know that creativity isn't just about our art, it is also a way of being

We know our value as a creative, connect to our purpose, know how to run a business and charge what we are worth - even when doing what we love ... especially when doing what we love

We understand the importance of both the being and doing, and are devoted to being the leader we know we are meant to be as much as doing the work that is waiting to be done

We are ready to step up, take ownership and lead - even when we think we aren't

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The Power Process


Tools & Resources


If you want a better and more authentic creative business, you have to
BE a better and more authentic creative business owner



... It all starts with you

The Creatives Mastermind - perfect for creatives in the start-up phase, for soulful creative business owners that have lost their direction and connection, and soulful creative business owners that are ready to deepen where they are or step up to their next level.


Lead your creative dreams with purpose


Are you ready?


**Numbers are limited **


You MUST complete the conscious creator programme before attending the mastermind. The cost of this contributes towards the price you pay for the mastermind.

£500 paid leaves amount payable of £2249

Payment options available

*Deposit of £350.00 and 10 x monthly installments of £189.90

**Deposit of £350.00 and 3 payments of £633

*** Deposit of £350.00 and one final payment of £1899.00

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