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When was the last time you asked your Self - what else is possible for me and my business and explored that?

When was the last time you sat down and had a heart to heart with your business, your dreams and desires and asked your Self ... is my business going in the right direction? And if it is going in the right direction ... is it moving forwards in the way that I want it too or does something feel stuck, like its ready to emerge but you can't quite put your finger on it?

When was the last time you looked at who you are being as the leader of your business and asked your Self honestly where am I leading my business and where am I holding it back right now? And where I am holding it back ... what's emerging and what is it that I'm resisting and gone deeper with that? Do you even know how how you want to be seen, heard and lead?

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What if we created life from the inside out? What if we made the destination our start point and began creating life from this space? What if mapping out our businesses in service of the life we desire, the impact we desire so we can make a difference doing more of the work we love wasn't about a long list of to do's and goals - it was about listening to our hearts and creating from this space? What if it all got to be about heart - and everything we create is simply an expression of love ... and our experience of the life and business we are leading depended on how willing we are to live with our hearts wide open? What then?




... you are one of those passionate women  who loves to bring a little bit of magic, soul, creativity and love into everything you do

... you are devoted to your business - it is a huge part of who you are and a big part of your life and the thought of doing anything else is an absolute no for you

... you already have the skills, you love your craft and know what you want to do ... you just want to lead it in a more inspiring, impactful, authentic, creatively fulfilling way

... you know you have so much to offer - but something feels stuck and its ready to come out ... even if you dont know what that is yet.

... you are willing to challenge your Self, stretch your own edges, see your blind spots and patterns that keep you where you are ... because you know that the only thing that's really getting in the way of where you are and where you want to be is you

What people experience when they retreat with me
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Hello You

I'm so excited that you've decided to bring more of the work you love into the world, because when you are one of those womem whose leading with heart and have so much you want to give to the world, there's a clarity that comes with making that decision and a pull thats magnetic that keeps calling you to move forwards in the right direction.

When we are leading a business we absolutely love and find our authentic creative voice we get to bring more heart - weave more creativity, more of our dreams and desires into our daily life and businesses - it's how we get to be the author of our own lives, create our very own love story with life - and ultimately create the life and business we desire.

Before I go any further I want you to know that the way that I work is different - I shape life and business from the inside out and this experience - this retreat I'm creating promises to be a magical and heart opening one, a wild ride for sure.

It's where you get to drop from the head and go into the heart, listen to your creative call, your inner voice, your true self, your intuition - whatever you like to call it and create (manifest) from this space ... and its also where you get to stop identifying with that negative voice that we all have inside our head that tells us all of the reasons why we shouldn't - that keeps us anchored in fear and doubt and creating life from the I'm not good enoughs.

I'm on that journey too. I made a decision a long time ago that life got to stop being a struggle, that I got to stop identifying with my fear and doubts and trying to fit in with how I thought life should be and stop allowing my own lack of self belief and self worth hold me back. Instead I decided to explore what else - what life could be, who else am I and what that meant for me and I've been exploring the (he)Art of creative living ever since, creating from the inside out and leading in all areas of my life from this space.

And what I learnt was that when you understand how heart & creativity come together to create lifes magic ... everything changes.

And that's exactly what we are going to do - so you to can create something quite extrodinary, something so beautifully authentic so you can take your business to the next level and do more of the work you love ... with love xxx


The Home of Creativity is Love



This is an invitation to passion-led women whose business is a big part of their life, a part of their heart - who love the business they are in and are passionate about what it is they are creating and sharing in the world.

It's where you get to explore who you are being as the Artist in all of this, connect with the creator in you and explore how you are leading from this place (and how you are not and the stories and patterns that hold you back). It's where you get to take a deep dive into heart leadership (because when we do what we love it all starts with the heart) and embrace your authentic creative self on a whole other level.

It's where you get to listen to what your heart really wants, what's emerging, whats calling you from the inside thats ready to be birthed out into your world and explore where you are open and aligned, and where you are shutting yourself down and blocking the flow.

It's where you get to gift (and it is a gift) those stories that are holding you back a safe space to be seen and heard so you can break the cycle of fear and doubt thats getting in the way and restart the heart from this place.

It's where you get to ask yourself ... am I really creating the life and business I desire or is there something more? And if there is more ... it's where you get to take ownership of that and ask ... am I willing to live into that - do more of the work I love and create a life that I love?

And if the answer is yes ... if you are ready and/or willing, then this is where you get to say yes to creating the life and business you desire, where you get to say yes to creativity, yes to your business in a way you've never said yes before and where you start to lead with more love.

So many passion-led creative women are feeling the call to bring more of their heart work into the world ... me included. Infact this is me living into the creative expression of my own call as I step into heart leadership and create from this space.

It's where you get to align your dreams with your desires - it's where you get to get intentional with the path of the heart and create your story on your terms, a love story with life ... however you chose to create that.

It's where you get to lead differently, more authentically, disrupt the status quo internally and externally so you can become more of the change maker that you already are.

This is where you get to understand what it really means for you to manifest - to consciously create and make more empowered choices with your life and in your business so you can birth your hearts desires.

This is where you get to choose magic ... heart magic and step into the power of you.



HEART MAPPING - This is the work where you become the powerful storyteller of your life and business. It's where the inner world meets the  outer world and your authentic creative expression shapes your business and ultimately your life experience

HEART LEADERSHIP - Who are you being and what does it mean to lead with more love? We look at the identity piece and the stories, beliefs and patterns that are keeping you stuck and stopping you from being where you know you are meant to be, and birthing the next level of the work that's inside of you longing to emerge (and how to navigate the messy piece of growth in a kinder and more compassionate and loving way, so we can stop living into all the shoulding, the over working, overthinking and over creating)

THE LOVE STORY - we explore abundance, manifesting and your relationship with money ... because how we do money is how we do everything. We look at your current relationship and beliefs around money, and how to build a healthier and more loving relationship - because undercharging and overworking, undervaluing and overspending - giving your gifts and talents away for nothing doesn't get to be your story anymore.

We explore abundance and manifesting and what that actually means for us in our daily lives, our businesses and creations what we are creating and how to create a more conscious relationship with the bigger pieces of the puzzle that so often go unnoticed

THE FREQUENCY OF FLOW - know your rituals learn how to keep tuning into the energetics of creativity and create from this space

THE PATH OF THE HEART - align the being and the doing - the practical steps to create the life and business you desire so you can make 2024 one of your most heart opening, creatively fulfilling years yet.




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And I will show you how




Heart to Heart


Join me for this immersive, inspiring, creative and empowering experience

9th - 16th November - Essaouira, Morrocco

Where we explore the path of your heart, what leading with more love gets to look and feel like as an authentic creator in your life and business and heart map whats next for you




Single Room Occupancy



Twin Room

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What's Included


Access to course content


An Authentic Moroccan Cook

Your Love Story

Your Future Self

Tools & Resources

1 x 1-2-1 laser coaching Intention Session

Heart Magic - The Activations

Bonus Content : (access after the retreat) Made with love - turn your heart inspired creations into a product or service so you can do more of the work you love


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Sample Day


8am Flow Session

10am - 1pm Workshop

1pm - 3pm Lunch & Reflection / Chill / Creative Time

4pm - 7pm Activities / Mastermind

8pm Evening Meal



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Experience deep connection like never before - to your dreams and desires, your heart, authentic creativity and a tribe of women who will support you on this journey long after our time together has ended.

This is what it feels like to create magic with me ...
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This is for you if ...


On some level you are feeling all the feels and are already excited about this

You love the work you do, it matters to you AND you know that there is something missing. You want to disprupt the status quo, do things differently, in yourself and your approach to your business and the field you are working in - you have something new you want to share and bring to the world ... you just don't know what that gets to be yet, and if you do - you know that there's some old beliefs and stories that are getting in the way of you showing up fully, authentically and birthing your new creations into your world.

You are ready and willing to leave everything you already know at the door, explore the path of the heart, bring more love and creativity into the way you do life and business. Create a deeper healthier love story with money & manifesting so you can  become more of the conscious creator that you already are and get more clarity of how you are creating and leading in all areas of your life and business.

You are open minded & open hearted, creativity is important to you, you are passion-led and bringing more of the work you love into the world matters to you

Your heartwork is calling and you understand that in order to create the life and business you desire those next level breakthroughs are all part of the journey

You understand how potent the magic can be when you are in an immersive experience intentionally designed to create transformation and are willing to both support and be supported by some utterly incredible women who are on this journey with you

You are devoted to your business and committed to its impact and growth

You are ready for more ... even if it feels a bit scary right now


This is not for you if ...


You are looking for a one size fits all, linear  'how to' approach towards creating the life and business you desire.

You believe that having a long list of to do's and goals is the route to success

You don't value listening to your heart, nurturing your dreams and desires and are looking to justify why you should book on this retreat

Doing more of the work you love doesn't matter to you

Heart, creativity, energy, authenticity and flow are not important to you

You do not believe in the power of the collective and are not interested in participating in powerful group work

You are not prepared to step into the unknown and explore your stories and how they are limiting your ability to create

You are looking for a quick fix and are not ready to commit to the work or the process

Listening to your heart and making a difference isn't part of your plan