Cretives Retreat
The Creatives Retreat


The Creatives Retreat is a soul call to meet your deep inner self, the creative in you that is yearning to be heard. It's not a space that's for everyone, it's for the courageous and the bold.

It's for creatives who are willing to dive deep, to challenge what they know, access the creative spirit and communicate with themselves and others from a new place of being.

It's for those passionate about authenticity and accessing creative inspiration from instinct and intuition, from feeling.

It's for those who are ready to open their hearts, excite their soul and ignite the creative spark within.

It's about going deeper, adding another layer to what you already know ... it's about you, and discovering how to access all that you have within you, find inner inspiration and create from this space in your life, your art and your business.


Press pause on the outside world, immerse yourself in a powerful space and reconnect to all of who you are.

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What's Possible?



You are the heart of your creativity, the heart of your creativity is you.


Imagine connecting to the part of you that knows, that believes in you and has the courage to explore all of what's possible in you and create from this space.

Imagine connecting to yourself and others from a place that can be truly seen and heard like never before; accessing a unique untapped resource of creative inspiration within you.

Imagine awakening the powerful creator in you, knowing your purpose, aligning it to your business, committing to it and creating your own blueprint for success.

What would be possible from this space?



Liberate Your Creative Soul



Passion is the fuel that fires our creativity, it sparks our flow driving us forwards, moving us with courage and determination towards what lights us up.

Self empowerment unleashes that fire within, setting free our creativity on all levels of our being, unlocking us from what holds us back.

Explore all of who you are, learn how to access inner resources for inspiration, direction and potential, creating from a space of being.

Knowing your purpose as a creative business owner deepens your connection to your creativity, your clients and your business.

Peeling back those layers, going deeper allows you to step away from what no longer serves you so you may find your place in the world, accessing that sense of belonging and fulfillment.

Uncover all of who you are and all you are meant to be.

When we have a plan we have clarity and direction, when we have clarity and direction we can confidently move all aspects of our lives forwards with certainty.

Aligning our personal, creative and business values allows us to lay solid foundation stones in all aspects of our lives that we can build from with passion, purpose and potential.

Discover a future of possibility, meaning and soul

 Breakthrough limiting beliefs, access self empowerment, purpose and your inner leader, uncover what's holding you back and how to move forwards

 Discover the three levels of creativity. Access intuition for creative inspiration and learn how to connect and create deeper.

Explore personal, creative and business values and your purpose, aligning them to build a business with soul.

Awaken the Creative in You

For creatives ready to discover their authentic creative spirit, reconnect to their power, uncover their potential and explore what's possible



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