The Creator


Soul Call: Dreaming is the imaginations guide to all things possible

Core Desire: To create things of meaningful value, to inspire others

Dream: To realize a vision

Greatest Fear: Mediocrity, insignificance, never reaching their full potential

Approach: Embodies passion to express a life beyond the five senses, combining the mastering of a skill with authenticity

Empowered: Creativity and imagination, visionary, possibility

Shadow: Perfectionism, overthinking, elaborate/poor solutions, procrastination, self-indulgence and starving artist syndrome

Type: Soul

Talent: Expression, expansiveness, boldness, focus, curiosity, creating cultures, authenticity, idea’s solutions,

Other Aspects: The Dreamer, The Inventor, The Innovator, The Artist, The Writer, The Musician, The Solution Finder

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The imagination is the guide to all things possible - if you can see it, you can achieve it. This is core the belief of The Creator. Constantly paving the way for others to follow, Creators are driven by a deep desire to see their dreams become reality. Their minds are always questioning and they are driven by a need to progress. They focus on examining the boundaries of reality and perception, and, with a limitless imagination they excel when doing what they love.

They fear mediocrity, despise repetition and love to work hands on with everything they do, avoiding the theory of practical learning. They strive for authenticity in a world that is fake and full of artificial noise, fearing insignificance and not reaching their full potential and are often eccentric and outwardly expressive in all that they do.

When they learn to become expressive to their own feelings and emotions, The Creator taps into their authentic voice and can begin to produce with the originality they crave, using their inner world as a source of inspiration rather than seeking inspiration from others.

Whilst being a master of their craft is one of their great assets, perfectionism holds them back and over perfecting perfect work can become an obsession, blocking their natural creative flow. With this in mind, The Creator must learn that failure is all part of the process and ultimately through failure is where our greatest success lies.

Those with this archetype are over critical of themselves, beating themselves up when they believe they have produced mediocre work, berating themselves for not being good enough. Not always receptive to conflicting opinions, Creators need to practice the art of deep listening, to themselves and others.

The shadow side of The Creator archetype must also learn discipline in the art of completion, as this archetype are prone to starting many wonderful new projects yet finishing none.

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What dream is calling you to bring into reality?


What's are the steps that need to be put into place so you/others can buy into your vision?



Explore The Perfectionist Saboteur

How does over perfecting get in your way?


Listen to

'The Hidden Picture in You'

visualization after each connection exercise to go deeper with the Archetype that is present

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Perfectionism. Expression. Dreams

From the perspective of this archetype, what are your three inspired words?

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Where are you allowing mediocrity in your work?

How are you taking time to cultivate and reclaim your creativity?
How does this Archetype show up and positively impact your world?
How does overthinking impact your creativity?
Where are you over perfecting?
How does your need for perfection hold you back?
How does scarcity and 'starving artist syndrome' impact your creative flow?

If you were to fully express your Self, how would you inspire others?
Where are you following others?
What does authenticity look and feel like for you?
If you 100% loved, trusted and believed in your Self what would you create from a place of authenticity?
How is creativity wanting to flow through you?
Where do you stand in your own way?
What does lack of focus stop you from doing?
How does procrastination serve you?
What are your greatest fears?

Where are you not being true to your self?

If you fully embraced all of who you are, what would you create?
How and where does The Creator already in you show up in your life?
What stifles your creative flow?
What inspires you?
Where do you feel it in your body when you are flowing with creativity?
If your brought your fierce courage, curiosity and creativity together what would you create?

If you knew you couldn't be right or wrong what does this give you permission to create?

If you listened to the depths of your soul ... what is creativity calling you to create? ... more importantly who is it calling you to be?