The Programme

How we will do it: This course is split into three sections, each week for 16 weeks we will get together as a group on zoom and work through a step by step programme from block to flow. Each live session lasts approx 90 minuites. If you can not make the session replay session are availiable. Replay sessions are approx 60 minuites.

You will be assigned to pods so you can deepen the learning of each session and have accountability partners to ensure you reach your weekly goals.

Additional resources are availiable to enable you to take on a creative project of your choice where you can deepen your learning and explore, express and develop your creative range.

Included in this timeline is a pause between each section, space to reflect on how far you have come, what's next and what that looks like for you.

Growing together: Stay connected throughout the journey in a private group called The Creatives Space. Weekly check-ins via email where we record your journey and your insight, awareness and growth each week. We can connect 1-2-1 via telegram

Celebrate in style: we will share each week what we are learning, where we are, our challenges, frustrations and breakthroughs



When: (TBC)

Every Wednesday 4pm - 5.30pm


Start Date               April 14th 2021

Completion Date    July 28th 2021



2 hours a week plus any additional time you wish to invest in your creative challenge or deepening the learning