Love Your Self More  Online Course

I could never have anticipated the impact that the Love Yourself More course was going to have on my life and in such a short period of time.

I was living a life for everybody but myself, I was going along with the flow feeling powerless and obligated to everyone else's needs but I didn't even acknowledge my own.

There was no "me" anymore, I was merely existing and I wasn't happy with so many aspects of my life that I felt lost and unable to "fix" myself.

The morning after the first exercise on the course, I experienced what I thought were strange coincidences and chance happenings. Memories from past happier times when I felt loved started to surface, music on the radio was triggering memories of the way that I felt before I had been let down in love; of the times when I loved myself and was happy in life. I felt unsettled and restless but in a way that made me feel like something big was about to happen. I felt conflicting emotions, I didn't immediately link this to the work that I had done the night before on the course.

As the days passed things started to shift. The way that I felt about my life was changing, it was as though I was seeing my life through the eyes of a stranger, for the first time in years I could see what I needed to do.

Six months on, I have left the job in which I was being bullied, I have joined a slimming club and for the first time in more that 10 years I am losing weight and loving myself enough to eat well and make time to exercise.

But most importantly I am standing up for what I deserve in life. I left a relationship in which my needs were not being met and contrary to feeling sad I feel alive and excited about being in a better relationship with me - I'm working hard to continue to make efforts to love myself and I am definitely reaping the rewards as my life is richer for making these changes.

I wholeheartedly, recommend this course. The meditation is the best that I have experienced and the visualisation is extremely powerful.

I am so grateful to Clare-Louise for helping me to change my life in such a short period of time. She has been more than supportive during the course and afterwards, her insight is invaluable and her commitment to each individual is humbling.

Tiamo ... feeling passionate about life and fulfilling my dreams x