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Thank you so much for choosing to take your next steps with the Creative Leadership Coaching Programme. I really am looking forward to taking the next steps of this journey with you. It's important that this journey begins as smoothly and as soon as possible for you.

I've put together below all the things you need to know, relevant links and information on what's next.

Bookmark this page, it will become to goto space during our time together. You can access my diary and other resource pages that will be opened up during our coaching from here.

In the meantime, if you want to contact me, I am here :

Any questions, drop me an email.

Looking forward to connecting x

Clare Louise and EmmaLilly

Everyday we have two choices, to get up and make our dreams happen ... or stay sleeping with them instead.

It's time to rise.

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Getting Started

The next step is to complete a welcome document. This forms the basis of our coaching relationship. It gives us both deeper insight into why we are here and what's important during our coaching - it is a tool that we can reconnect with regularly to ensure we are heading in the right direction.

It asks you to go deeper and get as clear as you can about what you would like to achieve during our time together. It also outlines a little about me and how I work, if there are any questions you want to ask me - please do. This is a two way relationship and the power of our time together will be very much built on that.

Please schedule some quality time to sit down with you and complete this document fully, expressing as much as you can within it's pages.

Our first session will be exploring these pages and going deeper so when we step into our coaching - we do so having built trust and a positive space to start from.

Check Sheet
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Book Your Sessions

You can access my diary link here. Please book in your first six sessions now. Don't worry if you need to reschedule later on - this is about making a commitment to you and carving out time to make you and your dreams happen.

Where possible, make them 2 weeks apart, and a regular time and day. This creates a routine and structure to our calls.

I clear 2 hours for each session from my diary. Some sessions may finish earlier depending on what shows up during those sessions.

Please book Retainer Clients Only appointments for remote sessions or In Person Coaching for face to face sessions. In person sessions must be agreed before booking.

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Hints & Tips


Making the most of our time together

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Make our time together a priority in your diary, try not to rush from a previous appointment to ours.

Allow yourself time after our session, where possible, to process or action what's come up during our time together.

Remember, the magic happens outside of our sessions.


Have a journal specific to your coaching journey. Use this for any reflections or insights that may come up outside of our sessions.

It's important for you to have a space to reflect and record, it enables you to track your progress and see any repeating patterns.



Remote sessions are audio - It is important that we remove as much distraction as possible for our sessions. Headphones enables us to connect on a deeper level.

Sometimes movement and embodiment may be a tool we use during of our time together - wireless headphones, if possible, will be a great asset to your session.


Have fun, even though coaching can sometimes feel intense, don't forget to enjoy the process, even when it's uncomfortable, you are taking big bold steps.

Gift yourself compassion too, self care is an important part of this process. Show up as you are, even when you don't feel you can, our best work will be created through honesty.

This is your time - ask for what you want at any given moment. And finally, trust in the process ... confusion is growth.

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As we move through our sessions you will be invited to register your account in The Creatives Space. This will give you full access to a number of tools and resources for the duration of our time together. You will be given an access code to activate your account with no charge.

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Terms & Conditions

You have signed up for a minimum of 3 months coaching which includes 6 x 1-2-1 sessions. You will automatically move to a monthly retainer of 2 x 1-2-1 coaching sessions a month.

Once you have completed the first six sessions, you will be required to give 1 months notice to end our coaching relationship. If you wish to cancel any of our sessions you are required to give 24 hours (working day) notice. For full Terms and Conditions please read here.