I absolutely love to share knowledge and guide others, it's a part of who I am, it feeds my soul and makes my spirit soar. It keeps my creativity flowing and inspires me to do it more, for myself and others.

I've developed a number of workshops and retreats, my style is active learning and working with all the senses. They range from personal development, creative development, business development to working with the soul. Each workshop has been carefully crafted with one end in mind ... for us both to grow from.

I've pulled together the wisdom of my own experiences, knowledge from my area's of expertise and tapped into the depths of who I am, creating from the soul.

I've transformed my life through self empowerment and connecting to  authentic creativity and I want to share all I have learnt with you.


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creative leadership coaching

Creating a safe space to learn is so important to me, as is an environment to thrive and knowing that whatever we are doing ... we are all doing it together.

I love creating deeper connections to ourselves and the world around us through authentic creativity - to move forwards with purpose, passion, clarity and confidence.

My ultimate goal is to uncover the creative spirit, ignite the creative soul, to start or deepen that creative journey to authenticity, so what ever you chose to do in your life, art or business ... you believe in all of who you are ... and all you can achieve.

If you're interested in finding out more, or want to book on any of my workshops, I'd love to hear from you.

Inspiring passion empowering the soul

Abby Wilkes

Thank you for your holding space whilst I shared my fears & doubts. Thanks to you I have found a new zest in my daily life. Instead of feeling stuck, I feel I am being propelled into a new exciting path'

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Jill Davidson

 I have learnt that I am not alone. I have learnt how to be alone in my mind and make time for myself without feeling guilty. I have learnt that loving myself is a necessity. I learnt how to start loving myself in order to be the me I want to be. I felt truly loved. -


Emily Jay

 So much has changed in my life, I hardly know where to begin. Thank you is probably the best place to start! Heartfelt, deep shifts and life changing realisations. I've made some pretty big changes in my life since I took part on this workshop and I honestly believe it all started right there in that room with you ... thank you for waking me up to life, you've got magic in you.

What People Say

Fiona Elizabeth – The Creatives MasterMind

What made you choose The Creative MasterMind Programme? I choose the MasterMind programme because I lost my mojo. I reached my Fellowship in Photography only to find it hard to motivate and connect with myself. I left lost. I couldn’t see any direction or future. What results did you get from The Programme? I found…

Jackie Cooper

Clare Louise doesn’t tell you the answers – she gives you the tools to find your own answers and for me that’s magic – Jackie Cooper

The Power of You – Product Review

The Power of You is a beautifully written highly insightful must have book. It is a powerful tool for those wishing to understand their inner self and what may be holding them back. It gives clarity, focus and understanding. It explores the three levels of creativity, authenticity and who you are.  It enables you to…

Lisa Visser – Product Review

Lisa Visser Product Review A beautifully illustrated book, journal and archetype cards to guide you through the journey to authenticity. Explore your creative architecture, the three levels of creativity along with the steps to authenticity. The Power of You   This was a very honest and fascinating book of exploration. I hadn’t heard much about…

Gwenllian Riall

She’ll peel layers off you (with your permission), and you will reveal your creative soul that’s been in hiding away

Nick Doughlin

Clare Louise knows what she’s talking about. You’ll find it easy to open up to her – she sees so much in everyone and will set you on the path to achieving ANYTHING. Read More
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