I absolutely love to share knowledge and guide others, it's a part of who I am, it feeds my soul and makes my spirit soar. It keeps my creativity flowing and inspires me to do it more, for myself and others.

I've developed a number of workshops and retreats, my style is active learning and working with all the senses. They range from personal development, creative development, business development to working with the soul. Each workshop has been carefully crafted with one end in mind ... for us both to grow from.

I've pulled together the wisdom of my own experiences, knowledge from my area's of expertise and tapped into the depths of who I am, creating from the soul.

I've transformed my life through self empowerment and connecting to  authentic creativity and I want to share all I have learnt with you.


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creative leadership coaching

Creating a safe space to learn is so important to me, as is an environment to thrive and knowing that whatever we are doing ... we are all doing it together.

I love creating deeper connections to ourselves and the world around us through authentic creativity - to move forwards with purpose, passion, clarity and confidence.

My ultimate goal is to uncover the creative spirit, ignite the creative soul, to start or deepen that creative journey to authenticity, so what ever you chose to do in your life, art or business ... you believe in all of who you are ... and all you can achieve.

If you're interested in finding out more, or want to book on any of my workshops, I'd love to hear from you.

Inspiring passion empowering the soul

Abby Wilkes

Thank you for your holding space whilst I shared my fears & doubts. Thanks to you I have found a new zest in my daily life. Instead of feeling stuck, I feel I am being propelled into a new exciting path'

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Jill Davidson

 I have learnt that I am not alone. I have learnt how to be alone in my mind and make time for myself without feeling guilty. I have learnt that loving myself is a necessity. I learnt how to start loving myself in order to be the me I want to be. I felt truly loved. -


Emily Jay

 So much has changed in my life, I hardly know where to begin. Thank you is probably the best place to start! Heartfelt, deep shifts and life changing realisations. I've made some pretty big changes in my life since I took part on this workshop and I honestly believe it all started right there in that room with you ... thank you for waking me up to life, you've got magic in you.

What People Say

Shell Underhill-Savage

For years I have played at being a creative. Now I have a business and know I can play & earn & that dreams can be birthed into life. There’s been tremendous growth, in me and others in the group. Each person shone in their own time.

Deana Hewitt

I’m learning to create from deep inside, from here everything just flows. It’s amazing. Would I have created this way without doing this course, absolutely not. I’ve also been able to see how I block my own potential and how my saboteurs impact my earning potential.

Miranda Khilstrom

Finding my why, what makes me tick and how my values reflect my business and the impact of that on my clients has been so insightful. I was able to look deeply at what I really wanted to create, making powerful commitments and steps so I could get out there and make my dreams happen.

Sarah Dunwood

I am no longer playing small! I have found my voice and it is strong. My confidence is through the roof because I know who I am. I am moving towards being able to achieve self actualisation. The work that she does is powerful in a way that I can’t find the words to articulate.

Lisa Visser

I have the strength to overcome the challenges I was facing in my business. It takes a very clever and intuitive eye to see what is failing in your business and why that is happening. Clare Louise has such am amazing way of delving and helps you transform things both financially and emotionally.

Gwenllian Riall

She’ll peel layers off you (with your permission), and you will reveal your creative soul that’s been in hiding away
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