Turn On The Light Your Passion Is Calling – Creating Your Blueprint To Happiness

We are all striving for happiness, we push ourselves forward, creating change in our lives, yet rarely do we commit to creating that deep change for our lives. To allow true happiness to flow and start those shifts from within, we must first make room for our growth by letting go of what no longer serves us.

Life moves you, nothing stays the same, with each change comes challenge. Whether we are the instigators of that change or find our self being forced to take change by external influences, fear, self doubt and all their other friends will undoubtedly come knocking on your door.  Once over the threshold, they hold you back from taking the steps needed to implement that long term change that moves you to finding internal happiness.

Reconnect to your dreams

This workshop will help you understand your process of change, (be that in your personal life or work life) tap into your courage and confidence, and find your internal strengths. Focusing on your ability to find your solutions as you move through your changes, giving you the tools to choose to let go of what no longer serves you and create the internal space needed to reconnect to your dreams.

A blend of practical exercises, group discussion, visualisation and reflective journaling sessions, this workshop has been crafted to encourage you to tap into the parts of your self that are often left unheard, yet hold the key to our greatest shifts and our biggest successes.

You will need a pen, a clean book/journal and an open heart

Are you ready to put down your pain and pick up your passion?

What we will cover :

See The Bigger Picture
Give yourself space to think – successful change comes when we honour our thoughts and feelings, remove life’s noise, create a vision of our bigger picture and are consistent in actioning the baby steps required to take our leaps.

This module will focus on connecting to our pain points, our fears, strip back life’s noise and focus on finding our solutions whilst asking you to evaluate how you can implement those strategies moving forwards. When we take ownership of our challenges and recognise our internal strengths we become empowered and able to move through the transition with more confidence.

Finding The Perfection In The Imperfection
How many times have you held yourself back from creating the changes you need in your life because of the fear of the unknown and your lack of ability to see your own worth and the words I can’t, I don’t have enough … and I’m not good enough echo through your very being until you’ve exhausted yourself enough to not even try, or simply give up?

We hold ourselves back from creating the change we need through fear and self doubt. Often times we are unable to see our value, unable to see past the labels that we have either stuck on our selves, or have been put there by others. Remove those labels and the need to be perfect, unlock what holds you back and free yourself to embrace the change life is bringing for you.

Honoring You
We very rarely dedicate quality thinking time to ourself. So when change comes we get stuck in our old habits. Our short-sightedness comes from our inability to see our worth, our value, our wants and needs and we tackle change half heartedly, setting ourselves up for failure.

Reconnect to the parts of you that light you up, find your values, tap into your passion, connect to your courage, becoming strong hearted, freeing yourself to the authentic change your life needs to drive your life forward.

Creating Change
Sometimes the not knowing where our change is taking us freezes us into sticking with what we know. Connect to the part of you that is wanting to create change, listen, affirm your changes internally and create a vision of your hearts desires as you begin to put together your personal blue print to success.


Are you ready to take action and follow your dreams?  You are! Great, then I’d love to hear from you.

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