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This is for you if ...
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... You have something deep inside of you that you want to bring out into the world through creativity with purpose, passion and a plan

 ... You are heart-led and are one of those passionate humans that does everything with soul, creativity and love

... Purpose is important to you & you are ready to step into your next level, build a business with soul and make a difference doing what you love

... Authenticity matters, your dreams matter and you recognise (even if you haven't figured it all out yet) that creativity is more than just a doing practice ... it's who you are being

... You know that when you do what you love you are magnetic and desire to create your life and business as a piece of (he)Art in it's own right

... What you do and who you be matters to you and your business is your passion


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What people say
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Hello You - My name is Clare Louise


I'm a change maker & dream shaper. A creative leadership coach, business coach, fine art photographer, speaker and author. I am a Creatrix creating in my life, my art and my business from the fullest expression of myself.

I'm passionate about helping creative women find their inner voice, step into their magic, lead with authenticity and build a business with soul.

My purpose here is to unlock potential and help passion-led creative women realise their potential and lead their lives and businesses with love through the power of authentic creativity.

I help you understand the stories and patterns that hold you back, and not just see, but feel, know and trust in who you are on the otherside of those fears, blocks and limiting beliefs so you can realise your potential.

I've spent the last 20 years going deep, listening to my creative heart beat and creating from this space - exploring what it means to be an authentic creator.  I've experienced first hand the magic that has emerged in my life and for my life ... but it's not always been easy.

This ever evolving journey I am on with creativity demands that I defy my own rules, the rules that others set for me and the rules society shaped for me. It's been a wild ride for sure - challenged me to my core and it reshaped what I thought was possible.


The women I work with get to break their own rules too...


...they get to leave behind the stories they tell themselves about why they aren't good enough, they get to stop living life from the shoulds and start leading from a place of authenticity, find thier voice, activate their passion and trust in their creative path.

They get to listen to their creative heartbeat, embrace the expansiveness and magic of creativity AND ground it to build a business with soul.

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The way I work is different ...


I have a unique formula called Creating Creativity® that I developed especially for passion-led, soulcentred, creative women - I blend creativity with business - transformation and authenticity, energy, heart and soul with strategy and goals.

I work with you as the whole person - who you are being as a creative and what you are doing as a creator, and how you weave that all together to channel creativity through your business in an authentic and purposeful way.

When you've taken yourself as far as you can go no amount of business strategy or new creative techniques will unlock your untapped potential. We've got to stretch our edges, challenge our thinking and activate a new way of being.

And, at the same time, we have to anchor that creative potential with the business in a grounded, strategic, authentic and purposeful way.


the heart
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What people say

Shell Underhill-Savage

For years I have played at being a creative. Now I have a business and know I can play & earn & that dreams can be birthed into life. There’s been tremendous growth, in me and others in the group. Each person shone in their own time.

Deana Hewitt

I’m learning to create from deep inside, from here everything just flows. It’s amazing. Would I have created this way without doing this course, absolutely not. I’ve also been able to see how I block my own potential and how my saboteurs impact my earning potential.

Miranda Khilstrom

Finding my why, what makes me tick and how my values reflect my business and the impact of that on my clients has been so insightful. I was able to look deeply at what I really wanted to create, making powerful commitments and steps so I could get out there and make my dreams happen.

Sarah Dunwood

I am no longer playing small! I have found my voice and it is strong. My confidence is through the roof because I know who I am. I am moving towards being able to achieve self actualisation. The work that she does is powerful in a way that I can’t find the words to articulate.

Lisa Visser

I have the strength to overcome the challenges I was facing in my business. It takes a very clever and intuitive eye to see what is failing in your business and why that is happening. Clare Louise has such am amazing way of delving and helps you transform things both financially and emotionally.

Gwenllian Riall

She’ll peel layers off you (with your permission), and you will reveal your creative soul that’s been in hiding away

Fiona Elizabeth

Clare Louise’s Creative Mastermind Programme allows us to unlock our souls, understand our complexities and trust our intuition, allowing us to grow. She’s so intune with the human psyche she will give you the wings to fly!

Kathryn Chapman

I’ve been in business 12 years and just had my best month ever, finacially, creatively and so much more. My business is no longer apologetic. I think bigger, aim higher and push past my boundaries. Working with CL has been one of the most important decisions of my life.
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A 16 Week Group Coaching Programme

A 12 month Mastermind Programme

Work with me 1-2-1

"We live in a time in which finding our magic is relevant. It's crucial that we get back to our true selves in a more profound and powerful way. It's fundamental to get back to that which makes us feel wide eyed and inspired. It's essential that we find the lightness of our own being. The battle is not out there with some idea that we percieve as wrong. The battle in inside our hearts, searching for what now makes us feel more deeply alive" - Nausicca Twila

Discover the magic within