Creative Leadership for Authentic Creators

inspiring passion, empowering the soul

Are you ready to take the journey of creative discovery, to reconnect to you, your inner power so you can live a life with passion?


Are you ready to find your authentic creative voice, discover the magic within and take your own world by storm?


Are you ready to break through your blocks, limiting beliefs, fears, frustrations and challenges?


Are you ready to believe in you, utilise your unique source of creativity, wake up to all of who you are and empower your world?


It's time to rise, to step up to your dreams and start that wonderful journey to create them, because If you don't make your dreams happen ... who will?



Work with Me

One to One coaching and workshops are for those seeking authentic connection, designed to empower the creative spirit, wake you up to all of who you are. Reconnect.

Be your more.



Discover the Magic Within


Impactful, insightful and inspiring, visit the workshop page, read testimonials and reviews to find out more.

"I'm on a mission to create change through creativity, to empower creatives to thrive in their lives art and businesses. If you're ready for change, if you're searching for your version of more ... connect."

Shooting With Soul


Are you a creative photographer looking for that extra ingredient in your work, that little bit of magic …


Develop your creative voice - let your authenticity stand out from the crowd

Connect to the creator within - know the part of you that you create from and learn tools to access your unique creative space

Create from intuition - use your sixth sense to create images with impact

Step into your creativity - unlock the creative force of inspiration

Direct a shoot with soul - bring all parts of the shoot together from a place of feeling

Create images with impact - resonate with your team. Create from a space that takes your vision to higher levels


Creating from something
Creating from nothing
Creating from everything



The Creative Pause




Creativity comes in many forms, it’s not just found through art. It may flow through you in your ideas, how you live your life, it may show up in your approach to solution finding. It can be found in science, in business - what makes creativity authentic is how its expressed, when you add your youness to all that you do. Creativity is one of our keys to success - in can help us in all areas of our lives, it helps us adapt to change, become more resourceful as well as find ways to express ourselves freely.

The Creative Pause is a space where we can take a breath, reflect, re-evaluate and reconnect to our creative spirit. It's the space where we temporarily stop and take time to understand; to get curious, explore, uncover and discover. It’s about deepening our relationship with ourselves, strengthening our intuition, our expression, our creativity.

It allows us to connect to the creative within; accessing our authentic creative voice so we can have that conversation with ourselves. It is during that internal dialogue where we can finally be heard, where we can listen, heal, make powerful choices to take those all important next steps intentionally, passionately; inspired and empowered.


Get clarity on what's holding you back

Connect to your values, intuition and surroundings and access your creative resources

Uncover your saboteur - reconnect to your inner leader

Create a goal with soul, have direction, clarity and focus for the months ahead

Access your creativity and create a visual expression of your dreams, embodying your renewed vision, passion and purpose with feeling

'Within all of us is the capacity to manifest and attract all that we need and desire' - Wayne Dyer






Are you stuck in a rut? Do you want to do more in your life or with your life? Is your art stifled and your business suffering? Do you want more but don't know what more looks or feels like or are you too afraid to take that next step?

Our world is ever changing, evolving and growing. As exciting as following our dreams can be and taking those all important steps to create change, sometimes it can be difficult to stay connected, focused and feeling in control.

In times of challenge coaching is about discovery, awareness and choice, helping to empower people to find their own answers, whilst encouraging and supporting them on their journey as they continue to follow their dreams and create transformational change.

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What People Say

Simone Clare Stocks – Model

I’d hit a plateau with my level of work and wanted to push myself. The workshop provided a safe place where I could be honest – it can be so had to find that place. Clare Louise is inspirational on an other worldly level, creatively fierce and empowering. Clare Louise helps you to free your inner…

Lauren Case

Clare is such an amazing, inspirational, selfless woman who is willing to give all the time and effort into pushing people and helping them achieve their goals, she can read people and knows exactly what they need to be encouraged and pushed, knowing Clare and working with her has been life changing – she has…

Orson Nurse

The class exercises were unbelievable, I felt like you took my mind to a different place and I now approach shoots differently. I saw things in me and felt things in me I didn’t even know was there – I have grown so much in such a short period of time. Thank you for giving…

Kathryn Chapman

Shooting with Soul is an extraordinary workshop that will give you an understanding and take you to places within your yourself that you hadn’t imagined. This will result in deep personal learning and a professional creative shift. Each photographer has the opportunity to work with three sets of models and make-up artists where you join…

Kelly Taylor

Clare-Louise, Thank you, If I could give and say more I would as there are 1000 words to express gratitude but Thank you fits perfectly. I have been on hundreds of training course and on the majority of them came away feeling good about the image I captured or the work I produced, though I…

Sander van der Horst

Clare Louise is willing to go all the way for her coaching clients. She has a wide range of coaching skills and a lot of courage to give you exactly what you need as a client, from sweet comfort to fierce challenges. I would recommend Clare Louise because she will go above and beyond to…