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Dear Conscious Creator


It’s been a magical ride.
I’ve seen you dig deep,

I’ve seen you grow.

I’ve seen you reconnect
I’ve seen you flow.

My wish for you and the world around you is that you go deeper explore your more, realise your potential, take your creative essence out into the world and make a difference doing what you love.

As we come to the end of the programme, it's time to book in your momentum call and ensure you have clarity on your next steps so you can keep that momentum going.

I’m bursting to share what I have in store for you too. I’ve developed The Creatives Mastermind Programme to help you do just that ... step into your more. It's a unique blend of personal, creative and business development and there's nothing quite like it out there. It's transformational, it's life changing - this is what I'm seeing and hearing from an incredible group of women, who, just like you, are already taking those steps.

Here’s a message from some of them, from their creative heart to yours.

This is for you.

Keep following your dreams



"I believe that every creator deserves to follow their dreams … and more than that, I believe in you - that your world wants, needs and is asking you to listen to whatever it is deep inside of you that is yearning to be set free."