Amanda Trotter – My coaching experience with Clare Louise – Creating Creativity® coaching programme

Why did you choose Clare Louise’s Creating Creativity® coaching programme?

I wanted inner peace and self belief, to stop worrying and enjoy what I do. I went ahead with the coaching as I felt a real connection with Clare Louise when we first met. I loved her aura and how she managed to reach inside me and pull out something I didn’t know was there. I wanted to explore this more too.


How many sessions did you have?

Six, one a week for six weeks.


When did you start to feel the benefits?
I was totally amazed at how the first session went. I had no idea what to expect, but I felt as if my blinkers had been taken off and I could see what is really in front of me. We were working on my dream, at first I felt a little deflated, then suddenly it was like I was seeing through different eyes and seeing for the first time that my dreams weren’t so far down the line, that I could make a start now and make things work. In the first session I felt self belief and found self worth. I had no idea I was the one standing in the way of my own success putting blocks and barriers in my own path. Clare Louise has an amazing gift, it’s as if she reaches right into my soul and pulls out things I never knew existed.


What was the biggest impact?

Self Belief. I let go of alot of guilt, I understand myself more. I realise where I have put my blocks up and how I can remove them. I have opened myself up to opportunity, I understand why I felt like I kept hitting brick walls. It’s like Clare Louise has shone a light on what I should know and made everything easier. I felt a deep connection of trust. Clare Louise has an amazing ability to reach deep inside me and get to the root of a problem. Today I’m learning to approach things with a more positive outlook. I have a deeper understanding of myself and I feel I will be able to move forwards both in my personal and business life with greater ease.


Where else did you see impact?

In my business. It was a real eye opener looking into my business in such detail. I was able to analyse what wasn’t working in my business and what was. I am currently working on new packages to offer my customers that will maximise my profit and help my customers understand my products and services better. Clare Louise made my numbers simple to understand, working on my figures I could see my business clearer. It made me realise in order to run a successful business I need to understand my own figures.


What would you say to someone who is thinking about Clare Louise’s coaching?

I have been feeling lost for too long. Clare Louise helped me realise it’s OK to ask for help, that I don’t always have to struggle and do things on my own. If you are thinking about Clare Louise’s coaching, stop thinking about it and just do it. It will change your business life and personal life for the better. Enter into it with an open mind and if you are honest with yourself and Clare Louise you will see so much clearer. Clare Louise is an expert in her field and with her coaching and guidance your business will thrive as you see clearer. It may take a few weeks to feel the benefits and start putting the changes into practice, but being self aware is an amazing gift. That’s what Clare Louise has done for me, I can see clearly now for the first time in years! Clare Louise will not only see why area’s of your business is not working quite right she has a knack of pulling out the personal reasons too. We all have our inner demons. Clare Louise will not judge you, everything that is discussed is done so with the utmost respect and in a somewhat hypnotising manner that is unique to her.

Since working with Clare Louise my creativity has been running free … I feel alive !