Kathryn Chapman – It’s Time To Fly

It’s Time To Fly


Throwing ourselves all in is a courageous and fast paced move when it comes to shifting through the gears of transformational change. Immersing ourselves in a loving, challenging environment where we can truly be all of who we are at any given moment enables us to fully embrace the changes we need to make.

When we connect deeper to ourselves in this way, we open the door to connect deeper to life, our world and all those who walk within it. Creating art from this space becomes more meaningful as we resonate with our subjects and viewers on levels that go beyond the surface of daily life. We connect with meaning, from a place of love, communicating beyond words, to a place where we stand still in time and connect on a heart and soul level.

Understanding who we are as a creative and how we create those deep connections is priceless to any creative who is ready to embrace their authentic creativity and share it to the world.

Meet Kathryn, a warrior woman, ready to rise to her own challenges and meet them head on, devoted to connecting to her authentic creativity and doing what ever it takes to do what it takes so she can play full out with her authentic life and creative dreams.

“Get ready for the ride of your life – seat belt provided. It’s bumpy and utterly brilliant. CL allows you to be exactly who you are and will always love you for it” – Kathryn Chapman


Why did you book onto the creatives retreat? I’ve worked with CL before, it’s deep and meaningfully shifting and I was ready to take those next steps in my life, creativity and business.

What was the biggest impact? Learning more about who I am and what I need to grow myself and my business further. The unexpected insights were fantastic. Letting go what I needed to let go of and having the safe and loving space to do that and re-enforcing the power of connection in my work, my communication with my clients and understand what they want – putting their needs first.

The retreat was an incredible powerful and insightful few days – a mix of self-discovery, bearing-witness and learning. Definitely for those who are ready to step into their more and are prepared to be really honest about themselves and what they dream of. I’d do it again in a heart-beat.

What has been the biggest impact since leaving the retreat?
There have been many impacts, but I think the biggest is the self-discovery and surprises – the things you learn about yourself that are new and the things you know about yourself that you can let go of and/or embrace. I have some new, wonderfully supportive and caring friends. I have new exciting avenues to explore in my life and work. It’s been the start of something exciting – I feel that I have turned a very sharp corner and you only get that through very meaningful personal change.

What would you tell others? This is an immersive, challenging, deeply moving and inspiring retreat. Fundamentally insightful with significant life and business shifts, for those who are really ready to embrace what changes are needed. Full of practical tools and exercises to really feel and experience how to effectively change the way you approach life and business, helping you to grow and develop from a place of depth and meaning aligning fully with your personal values. Learning the power of connection with your subject and who you are working with will change the way you shoot forever – it is by far the most powerful thing you will ever learn.




Are you ready to challenge who you are, embrace your dreams and fly?

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