Creating Lasting Change

The turn of a new year often propels us to make big changes in our lives, another chance to chase those un-achieved dreams and work harder towards our goals. The clean slate a new year offers us can feel cleansing, motivational and inspiring, but how do we maintain that change?

Before you rush off to see what 2018 has to offer you, take some time to look back and see the gifts of your past. Lasting change comes from breakthroughs, breakthroughs are usually accompanied by disruption, letting go, and (all to often) painful experiences.

2017 may well have brought with it some upheaval, for many great change. Rather than get caught up in the negative emotions and feelings of needing to turn away from 2017 with a ‘good riddance’ mindset, take your self back to those challenging times and stay there a little longer.

Reflection is the key to moving forwards, until you gift yourself the insight of your experiences and the valuable lessons they brought with you to learn, the ‘new year new beginning’ mindset has a limited shelf life.

Recognise the times you felt dis-empowered and why, rather than vow to make a big change that will be difficult to maintain take those all important small steps everyday. Before you know it your big leap has already begun.

Get in touch with your feelings, what worked for you last year? What didn’t? How did those experiences make you feel? What environments worked for you? Which people lifted you up? What is your heart asking you to pay attention too? Write down your answers, when reading them back to yourself, you will soon see list forming of what no longer serves you and the positive areas for you to grow.

Finally, get creative, creativity is positive fuel for the soul it keeps us motivated and feeling alive. The more we can work from a creative mindset the less we get bogged down. Get curious with 2018, get curious with your creativity. Pick up your diary and schedule in your creative days for the year ahead. Spread them out and mark them as a high priority and give your ‘self’ permission to play, have fun and learn.

Have a wonderful 2018, here’s to creating creativity!


Life Lesson 132 … Embrace change, for it brings with it new opportunities to shine.


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