The Insight of Our Feelings

Are you feeling bored, low, frustrated, lost, unmotivated?

Are you fed up and in the I really can’t be bothered mindset?

It’s not easy is it working on your own, keeping your self motivated, pushing your self to breakthrough to your next level.

Sometimes it’s just plain old tough out there.

So often when we feel low we get caught up in the I must think positive mindset or the doing actions of something, anything that gets us out of the lull; we can unconsciously project our frustration and inner pain onto those we love, or we fool our self and go in search of our ‘next thing’ looking for the distraction that will lift us from the lull, hooking our claws into a new project to take our attention away from being with what we can’t be with. And we end up on that never ending downward cycle of rinse and repeat.

  ‘The definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result’

– Albert Einstein

What patterns are you repeating in your self, your business, your creativity that leave you feeling insignificant, uncertain, bored, disconnected?

How often do you sit with negative feelings, peel back the layers and look within for insight to move forwards?

Our feelings are our clues, they hold so much rich information for us to gain insight and move forwards from, if only we took the real time to explore them.

What if you used your feelings to have an honest conversation with your self and ask you those tough questions you are looking outside of your self for answers too? What if you stopped looking to others to provide you with the solutions … you begin to become a leader of your own life, finding your own answers.

What part of you are you really bored with?
Where are you frustrated at your self?
Where do you need to take more responsibility for your feelings and ownership of your actions – or lack of action?
What’s really holding you back?
Who or what are you blaming on others?
What is the lie you tell your Self?
Where are you not giving you, your creativity or your business what it really needs?

If you’re not feeling your happiness and are stuck in feelings that are holding you in low emotional state, now is the time of deep soul searching, tough questions and honest answers.

Gift yourself reflection time, your honesty, your courage and your truth, some self care, self love and inner wisdom.

The answers you seek are within you.

Travel well x