The Whisper

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt on the road to authenticity is that when everything felt like it was all falling apart, it was all falling into place.

Cliche I know, and yet standing here on the otherside of my ‘stuff’ I know it.

Those times I felt so lost, alone, exhausted and empty, like there was nowhere left for me to go, nothing left for me to give - on burn out and so afraid of breaking down, those were the times where I was able to finally let go, of all the crap I’d held onto, unraveling myself from who and what I thought I was, so I could get out of my own way and stop holding my Self back.

I surrendered to the crumbling of what no longer served me … thoughts, actions - my own as much as others, people, places, all of it. And when it felt like there was nothing left, for the first time in my life I realised that I had it all - all that I needed was within me and I reimagined life from this space.

It took time, love, self love, compassion, belief in something bigger than my Self whilst listening to the quietest part of my Self …The whisper in my soul … learning to trust in it, magnify it, grow from it. Create from it.

And so I created, exploring every part of me through my art until I could not unsee it, any of it.

It’s not easy, the journey to authenticity, not by a long shot, and yet it is a most liberating and fulfilling one. I found my strength, my courage, resilience, my magic and gained full access to what it is to ‘be’ creative, to flow with creativity, to create from somewhere so deep inside of me that I could set my whole self free … and in those same breathes, I found me, all of me, one creation at a time.

It was a mutual journey, personal and creative development and the more I connected to my Self and the world around me and created from the space of the whisper … the more it became the roar within my soul, and  everything grew from here.

Creativity isn’t a doing action, it is not found outside of ourselves - it is a part of who we are as a fully functioning human being.

That’s why I believe in the lost, because right there, unbeknown in that moment, is so, so much potential. That’s why I listen to the whisper, because that whisper is who we are on the otherside of our fears, blocks and limiting beliefs. That’s why I know - absolute, that we get to carve our own path … no matter where we are staring from, that in any given moment -  there is always another way. That’s why I believe in the power of authentic creativity… because it’s so much more than just a pretty picture, it is all that we are and will be. And that's why I will always believe in those who don't believe in themselves ... until they do, and then I stand on the sidelines with THE deepest, heartfelt smile cheering them on as their world unfolds and they too take flight.

There’s a whisper inside us all, calling, beckoning, screaming, waiting to be heard by you so it can show you the way.

I am listening ... are you?

Your time is now ... even when there's that louder voice that tells you it's not.

It all starts with you.