About Clare Louise

When people ask me what do I do I say I remind people how to be creative in their life, their creative practice and align that with their businesses. I show them how to unlearn how not to be creative. I introduce people to the art of creative living, unlocking their authentic creative flow by taking them on a journey of Self, understanding what blocks you ... or rather how you block your creative Self. I explore creative recovery, and what that means to us as an individual, and how to lead an authentic creative life, and how to connect to our creative flow and inspired thought.

I also help creatives find their authentic creative voice, see beyond their fears, blocks and limiting beliefs, embrace what's possible and step out into their worlds and make things happen from from this space.

I work with artists, performers, purposeful business owners, educators, soulful people who want to do their best work. I've seen blocks dissolve, lives transform, passion reignited, aimless businesses have purpose and direction - moving to their next level quicker. I've seen new businesses take off in the right direction, with clarity and purpose. I've seen creativity flow in abundance, imagination flourish and creative voices sing out loud when people have got out of their own way and step out into their worlds with confidence and self belief.

I've seen the light come on and people shining as they make a difference doing what they love. I've seen people flow with aliveness, passion, purpose and inspiration as they tap into their authentic creative self.

Authentic creativity is the essence of you, it's a spiritual practice, focused around who you are being in relation to what you are doing. I work with creative energy and balance it in a grounded and practical way so you not only feel its power, you transform your life with that power.

Creativity is our life force energy, our authentic creative self is the truest version of ourselves, our blocks, our limiting beliefs - the patterning that has been placed upon us through our life experience and the conditioning of a logical world.

I explore creative intelligence and believe we are all already creative, resourceful and whole, that we have just forgotten how to stretch our creative muscle and use it to its fullest potential so we can express ourselves through the fullest version of our Self.

In 1968 a study of 1,600 five year old children was carried out by George Land a systems scientist who founded a research institute to study the enhancement of creative performance.The children were tested using the same process that NASA uses for their selection process of innovative engineers and scientists. At five 98% of the children registered genius levels of creativity.

Registering the same children at 10 and 15, this level of creative genius dropped alarmingly to 30% by the age of 10, and 12% at aged 15.

This same test has been used on over 280,000 adults and placed their creative genius at just 2%

The conclusion of this study shows that non creative behavior is in fact learnt behavior. As we grow into adulthood we become separated from a part of who we are as fully functioning human beings.

It all starts with you ... it's who you are being that matters.