Nick Doughlin – Model : Shooting With Soul Review

Nick Doughlin – Model : Shooting With Soul Review


Why Shooting with Soul – what did you want out of the workshop?

I was invited to the workshop as a model. Looking at the images from previous workshops I constantly asked myself “why?” I’ve never done any modelling, never considered it and looking at the pics and other models in the group thought I was well out of my depth. A small part of me thought “Just do it Nick, it’s something you’ve never done, it’s another challenge that you need to see if you can do it.”

Tell us about your experience of the day?

Eye opening. I was told to go to the workshop with an open mind and to be myself … sound advice! The workshop got me to face up to all the doubts and issues I’d picked up over the years, especially from the amateur dramatics that I do.

Opening up to a group of fellow creatives that I’d never met before, each with their own fears and doubts was powerful. There were tears, laughter, unexpected revelations for me and a connection throughout the group. I felt like I knew, had worked with or alongside this group before. Any issues I’d had about not fitting in, being the weak link, not as good as others were put aside as I focused on being authentic and tapping into my creativity through my dancing and acting skills to bring out the characters needed for the shoots.

I was able to be myself with people I’d only just met and with some of the other people on the workshop I connected on a level I’ve not experienced before.

What was the biggest value from the day? 

I left the workshop knowing there was more to come from me. Having the ability and space to face up to my personal doubts and issues and break the mould that had been holding me back from achieving my full potential was huge.

What’s changed for you since workshop?

I’m more focused on what I want to achieve for myself and although that little voice is still there casting doubt I’m more confident in myself and can quickly cast it aside.

How do you feel you have grown creatively?

I’ve reran the day through my head numerous times and am continually thinking of so many more things I can do in shoots to bring the characters out more! It really challenged me to look at how I can bring more of me into what I’m doing and the characters I’m playing. Seeing some of the images and how clear the characters were to see, I know now I can throw my acting more into modelling.

How did the workshop empower you personally?

It opened my eyes up to my potential … Limitless.

What would you tell others about Clare Louise?

I would tell others to take in everything that she says. As she’s been on/is still on this journey herself. She knows what she’s talking about. You’ll find it easy to open up to her – she sees so much in everyone and will set you on the path to achieving ANYTHING.

Who would you recommend this workshop too and why?

I would recommend this to any creative if you feel you’ve hit a brick wall and feel like giving up your passion for being creative … you will face up to whatever it is, be energised after it. Your passion will be back.

The last word, what do you want to say about your experience? 

I’ve not done any workshops before so I have nothing I can compare it too, yet I would say from what I’ve experienced and how I saw the transformation in people throughout the day … it’s something ALL creatives should experience.