The Art & Soul of Newborn Photography -Phoebe Berridge

Phoebe Berridge – Retreat Delegate


Why did you choose The Art & Soul of Newborn Photography Retreat – what did you want from the retreat? I wanted to refine my newborn posing skills. Learn more about the business side, understand pricing and how to market my business.

Tell us about your experience of the retreat? What can I say? It was honestly something else – I could never of imagine to get what I did from this retreat. Melanie and Clare Louise went above and beyond in their planning for the retreat. I learnt things about myself, my business and understanding how to better both of those.

What was the biggest value?  Knowing that I can do this, I can make a career from my photography and it doesn’t need to keep feeling like a “hobby.”

How do you feel you have grown in your personal, creative and business mindset? I understand better how to use my creative mindset how to produce images different from any other photographer, how to make my work stand out and sell itself. Personally I’ve learnt that I am worth my time, effort and work, that people will pay what I’m charging.

What would you tell others about this retreat? Do it!! Just do it whatever it takes, go with an open mind and change your business for the better.

What was the biggest impact? The friendships that were built, the retreat was intense, it was a truly different experience to any other retreat I’ve done. The friendships and support I’ve taken from it are something else.

What would you tell others about Melanie East? Her attention to detail is unreal. She truly is amazing at what she does, she’s so passionate about her job and you see that, not only in her work but when she speaks about it too. If you are passionate about newborn photography Melanie East is the lady for you.

What would you tell others about Clare Louise? She is something else!! I really wasn’t sure when I signed up for the retreat what Clare Louise would be bringing. I didn’t really know much about her but … she was so inspirational and is a truly talented lady. With so much knowledge, her understanding of how to run a successful business and her mindset is amazing.

Would you recommend this retreat to and why? Anyone who has a serious passion for newborn photography and growing their business. I believe you can never have too much training, there is always way you can improve yourself, your work and your creative. With this workshop that’s something you can be sure you will do. Melanie’s understanding and teaching of newborn photography is something I’ve never seen anywhere else. Clare Louise has this ability to make you look at your business model in a different light which I believe we all need sometimes. This retreat will do that for you. It was worth every penny. I’ve taken away so much knowledge from it, understanding about myself and amazing friendships.